In life we ​​do not always follow the facial expressions of his face.But if we see his image on a hidden camera would be surprised how many mimic movements occur on the face during an active conversation with someone, especially on the forehead.It is unpleasant to know that on your forehead have deep or even not really, but lines that bring a lot of trouble, especially if you are still young, and bang - it's not your style.

Why do wrinkles appear on the forehead

  • Aging - the main reason for the appearance of wrinkles.The skin loses elastin and collagen fibers, then it gets dark, and there are irregularities of the skin.Most notable are the horizontal wrinkles across the forehead, at least - vertical wrinkles around the eyebrows.

  • Incorrect facial expressions.If you constantly frown forehead and face, may appear glabellar wrinkles between the eyebrows.

  • Active smoking.

  • Stress and other emotional stress (tension, frustration, anxiety, etc.).

  • excessive exercise.

  • Overexposure to sun exposu

  • unfavorable living environment or a bad environment (eg, air and water pollution, too cold or hot temperature conditions).

    • Malnutrition.

How to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead

How to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead

There is a lot of beauty treatments (Botox injections, cosmetic surgery, etc.) that help women to remove wrinkles on the forehead.But if you do not have the time nor the material means, let us turn to other methods that you can follow at home:

  • massage using coconut oil - helps to visibly reduce wrinkles on the forehead.We need 3 teaspoons of oil, which we pour on the palm and slow movements massaging his forehead.Because of its nutritional value of coconut oil will help remove furrows his brow.Also, instead of oil, you can try a cream that contains vitamin E.

  • Drink plenty of natural pure water.To stabilize the moisture in the body is necessary to drink at least 1,5─2 liters of water per day.Then the skin becomes elastic, will be less subject to external factors, as a result you get - reducing wrinkles.

  • Stable proper nutrition.Do not be surprised, but what you eat every day, directly leads to the aging process.To start the internal process of getting rid of wrinkles, you need to enrich your daily diet with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and, in turn, get rid of the salty, fatty and sugary foods.Eat green vegetables, grains, fruits and meats proper cooking (steamed, boiled), as well as foods that contain vitamin E (vegetable oils, eggs, nuts, fish and milk), K (cabbage, broccoli, beef liver andspinach), C (rosehip, black currants, oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits) and A (fish, fruits and dairy products).This will not only reduce existing wrinkles, but also to avoid the imminent appearance of new ones.

  • Use sunglasses to protect from the sun when taking a sunbath.

  • Apply scrub twice a week - it will help exfoliate dead skin cells and start the process of regeneration.As a result, it reduces the depth of wrinkles.Apply the scrub in a circular motion, you can massage the area with little wrinkles.After washing, use a moisturizer.

  • Use quality face creams for better production of collagen.Ingredients must be completely natural.Preference was given to creams that contain grape seed oil, acid (alpha hydroxy), retinol and vitamins E and C are very good wrinkle cream Liqiuskin.

  • Complete rest during sleep.Give sleep at least eight hours, in fact, when you sleep, your body produces collagen.

  • cream for sun protection.Of course, with the first rays of the summer sun, we are committed to the beach to find a nice tan.But if you do not take care of your skin now using before sunbathing sunscreen, then later early encounter with the aging process.Not a very pleasant fact, but scientists long ago proved that forgetting cleanser with SPF 15 or higher, your skin will quickly fade, lose elasticity and aging.Especially, this process becomes visible on the face.

Exercise to reduce wrinkles on the forehead

Exercise to reduce wrinkles on the forehead

  1. beginning omit eyebrows and at the same time, brings them together, continue to raise and breed in different directions, as far as possible.To get rid of facial wrinkles and tone the skin, follow this exercise every day several times.

  2. Close the lids and place 2 fingers over them, then pull the eyebrows down.A forehead muscles pull up forever.It creates resistance, which runs the work of the muscles of the forehead.Eyebrows keep about 3 seconds and omit.Repeat 10 times daily.

simple recipes face masks anti-wrinkle

  1. We need the egg white, which we put on the skin to dry completely.Wash off with warm water, and then blotted with a paper towel, but in any case, do not rub your face.If you do such a mask every day for about two months, your forehead wrinkles become much smaller.

  2. thick mask, based on crushed pineapple and papaya, will help to open the pores and cleanse, exfoliate dead cells, stimulates collagen production and reduce wrinkles on the forehead.The mask should be left on your face to 20 minutes, rinse with warm water is.

  3. Another mask based on lemon juice (4 drops) and two tablespoons of milk.After stirring, put on clean forehead and neck, if you have any wrinkles on the neck.Wash off with warm water after 20 minutes If you apply this mask every day, wrinkles reduced.

Even if you are faced with such a problem, as before the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, do not worry and smile more.Beautiful smile and a positive attitude - that's the secret of beauty and youth.

Cognitive video with tips about the wrinkles on the forehead - as they advance to prevent and get rid of:

Author: Marina Ivashchuk for | Photo: Dreamstime