Barley grits - is crushed barley.Those who do not know, from what makes barley groats - will now be "aware" of the case.Krupa after crushing depending on the size is assigned a certain number (№1, №2, №3).Barley cereal differs from the other cereals that are not divided by class.The core of barley does not grind, so it saved more fiber, it is freed from flower film, cleaned of organic and mineral impurities.

Barley is considered polished grain of barley from which removed all the flower of the shell and the aleurone layer.That is why the barley does not have the beneficial properties of whole grains and wholegrain cereals, can not be said of the barley grits!

Homeland barley - Asia.In the wild it can be found in Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Central Asia and the Caucasus.Barley is known to be superior to other grains and ripening of its ruggedness.No wonder they say that "barley gives power and memory strengthening," and "barley porridge - the most delicious, high-calorie and argue!"

Interesting facts abou
t barley grits:

  • Barley began to grow more for 4000 years BC.

  • Not so long ago in Jordan, archaeologists have been able to find a grain of barley age 11 thousand years, which allows you to compare the age of barley wheat with age.

  • Barleycorn was once used as a measure of length and weight.Five refined grains of barley conform Arabic carat weight of 0.2232 A three grain of barley in length equal to one English inch (2.54 cm).

  • Even famous ancient philosopher, Avicenna, who lived in 980-1037 years, it was said that the barley has cleansing properties, it removes from the body toxins and neutralizes the allergic reactions.

  • During soaking barley in plain water scientists had discovered an antibiotic substance gordetsin, treating fungal formation on the skin.

  • In ancient times, barley was used to treat colds, breast, stomach diseases.The body of the patient obkladyvali cooked barley, suggesting mitigation, anti-inflammatory, enveloping, antispasmodic properties of the grains, which have been known to mankind since last time.

Ingredients: vitamins

Barley croup is the most useful source for our body of vitamins and minerals.It contains B vitamins, vitamins A, E, PP and trace elements - silicon, phosphorus, fluorine, chromium, zinc, boron.Cereal enriched with potassium, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, nickel, iodine and other minerals.

barley grain is 5-6% of the fiber, which is so necessary to our stomach and intestines.It helps to normalize digestion and excretion of harmful products of disintegration.In its food value protein in wheat and barley exceeds unlike animal protein digestible in the human body is almost 100%.

Calorie barley cereal 100 g of the product is 324 kcal:
  • Proteins - 10.4 g
  • Fat - 1.3 g
  • Carbohydrates - 66.3 g
  • Crude fiber - 130 g

As you can see, this porridge is very nutritious, it's not calorie persimmon - 53 kcal.

beneficial properties of barley groats

The beneficial properties of barley groats, benefits beneficial properties of barley groats, use

The barley porridge so good?The most important thing - is that it can be used for dietary and baby food, as it is softer and softer than barley.And it is not so expensive, but what a pleasure!If you try to regularly prepare it for the whole family, you can dramatically improve health and also save the family budget.So why barley grits so useful?Here are a few facts:

  1. dishes made from barley grains, help our bodies cope with allergic reactions.

  2. enveloping, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties of barley used in the treatment of obesity and diabetes.

  3. She has good taste and high calorie.Modern nutritionists say that it is best to use Peeled barley soups and porridge for people suffering from obesity, bowel disease, constipation.

  4. high-fiber barley porridge ensures better assimilation compared to other cereals from cereals.The level of sugar in diabetic patients is not increased and created long-term feeling of satiety, which helps to cope with the extra weight.

  5. barley groats is rightly called the champion on the content of protein-containing gluten, so it is always recommended for the preparation of dietary porridges and soups.

  6. It is widely used in folk medicine used a decoction of barley useful, which facilitates the pain of arthritis.In the postoperative period in inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestines porridge and soups of this cereal are an excellent restorative remedy.

  7. barley porridge leads to normal activity of the endocrine system and the urinary tract.It helps to cope with depression, stress and a bad mood.

  8. in barley grits contains large amounts of amino acids for example lysine promotes the production of collagen, reduces wrinkles and slows their appearance.

harm and contraindications porridge

Barley grits boiled: the harm contraindications barley grits boiled: the harm contra

barley porridge does not bear absolutely no harm, only if no individual contraindications such as severe disease of the stomach and intestines at the acute stage.

However, damage to barley porridge depend on the number of its consumption.Abuse of cereals can cause rapid weight gain.If the benefits we have mentioned about the struggle with being overweight, it does not mean that she should eat several times a day and every day.The result would be the opposite.So better to eat barley porridge 2-3 times a week, she went to the only benefit your health!


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