Lingonberry is a small shrub heather family and is similar to cranberries.Stem she branched and elongated leaves, leathery, glossy.The flowers are small, white and pink.

This plant is long-lived, the rhizome may be more than 5 years under the ground, growing and staying outside.Berries cranberries ripen in August and September, according to the form of round, bright red.Anyone who has tried these berries, aware of their sour, bitter and astringent taste.

homeland cranberries is a forest zone of the temperate zone, but it is common in the tundra, and tundra.Search thickets of cranberries is best in pine and spruce forests, pine forests and birch.And, unlike the cranberry, which likes swampy places, cranberries settles on dry ground, in direct sunlight.

Interesting facts:

  • first mention of this berry contained herein Flemish botanist Rembert Dodunsa - mid-16th century.

  • Translated from the Latin word "cranberries" means "vine with Phrygian Mount Ida."Tradition says that it was the seat of the fer
    tility goddess Cybele, who wore a wreath of fruit plants on his head.

  • Lingonberry popularly called brusenoy, Borovkov, core, and the word "brusvyany" means "red."

  • Lingonberry is a part of the set of drugs to improve the view.It contains 15 kinds of anthocyanins, can maintain the integrity of capillaries and reducing collagen fibers.

composition cranberries vitamins

Fruits cranberries contain organic acids (malic, citric, benzoic, tartaric, Quinic, lactic, salicylic and succinic), carbohydrates, polyphenols, pectin, vitamins C, PP, iron and phosphorus(Phosphorus).More there are many essential oil, which contains an organic compound.The seeds contain fatty, fast-dissolving oil.Thanks to this rich composition and explained all the benefits of these wonderful berries.These berries heavily compared to other fruits and berries, such as the useful properties of persimmon is much smaller.

Calories cranberries 100 g of the product is 43 kcal:
  • Proteins - 0.7 g
  • Fat - 0.5 g
  • Carbohydrates - 9.6 g

Useful propertiescranberries

Useful properties of cranberries Useful properties of cranberries

When renal stone disease, liver disease, kidney disease, rheumatism, diabetes, gout is recommended to drink a decoction of cranberry leaves.

Why cranberry bush leaves are healing well?The fact that they contain antiseptics arbutin, tannin, promoting the normalization of the gastro-intestinal tract.

A weight loss cranberry leaves used along with diet, since the effect of the use of medicinal teas are very high.How to prepare a decoction?It's simple: pour 40 g of cranberry leaves 200 ml of boiling water and insist 15 minutes.Take 100 ml of need before meals three times a day.With increased acidity of gastric juice broth is best taken after meals.Course admission is 21 days.

It helps rid the body of alcohol.Its beneficial properties are used as a good diuretic, laxative and anthelmintic.The broth from the berries is a good drink quenches thirst in the heat of the body and toning.

Lingonberry juice is recommended for high blood pressure, anemia, nervousness, poor eyesight.He is an excellent antibacterial agent against enteric typhoid, pus and putrefying bacteria.And because it contains a lot of benzoic acid, it has antimicrobial activity.

Lingonberry Pregnancy brings a lot of benefits both the expectant mother and the growing fetus: berries make up a deficiency of vitamins in the body of a pregnant woman, and support the immune system at the right level.Cranberry juice can be drunk even to children, as it is hypoallergenic.

In cosmetology: masks from these berries are well moisturize the skin and thus prevent premature formation of wrinkles and fading.For its preparation is enough to stretch fresh berries cranberries and put on face cranberry mush for 15 minutes.This facial mask is suitable for all skin types except dry When dry skin is recommended to mix the pulp with vegetable oil in equal proportions.

Lingonberry in cooking: berries used as a filling for pies, cooked "cranberry apple pie", pies, curd, jam, desserts, and even beef - braised with cranberries.

harm and contraindications

Lingonberry harm Lingonberry harm

Cranberry has the ability to quickly absorb and store radioactive substances.Therefore it is necessary to use only those fruits that were collected in ecologically clean areas, away from highways and industrial plants.

You should also know that berries and cranberry juice can not be used for people with gastritis, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcers, low blood pressure.Juice and berries can cause sudden and severe drop in blood pressure and cause harm.

can not consume drugs, which include cranberries, immediately after a meal.The indications for use are always stated that the possible use of an empty stomach or before meals.With increased gastric secretory function, too, should refrain from receiving cranberry products, as this may cause diarrhea.

As seen cranberries has its benefits and harms to the body, but useful properties, as in any other fruits and berries much more.

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