us so fond of bananas and especially delicious delicacy - dried bananas, which are often called "banana figsĀ» (banana figs).

How to make dried bananas at home?

prepare them easy, especially since there is not necessary to use any preservatives or chemicals.You will need to take fresh fruits, peel them from the skin, cut into slices the thickness of 5 cm, put on a baking sheet and jerk about 3-5 hours at a temperature of 30-40 degrees.The finished product will turn brownish color saturated.You can use baby bananas, then killing them is not necessary, you can spend zasushivat.

As a result of drying, the moisture content is reduced to about 17-19%, so do not be surprised if they get much smaller than the original size.However, despite this, useful properties, vitamins and minerals, they do not become less!Store can in a cardboard or tin box (optional canvas bag) for 1 year.

popularity they deserved because of ease of use - simply to reveal a bag with dried banana to "stay one's stomach."And if you are
busy or difficult mental exercise, they easily make up the cost of energy.An interesting fact is that in the dried fruits calorie banana is five times more than fresh fruit.

Ingredients: vitamins

in dried banana contains daily intake of vitamin B6, which helps improve the performance of the metabolism, as well as a lot of sucrose, phosphorus, calcium, B vitamins, ascorbic acid, nitrogenous substances, starch, pectin, carotene.

dried bananas Calories per 100 g of product 346 kcal (1448 kJ):
  • Proteins - 3.89 g
  • Fats - 1.81 g
  • Carbohydrates - 88.28 g

Useful properties of dried bananas

The Good, the useful properties of dried bananas Good, useful properties of dried bananas

Ā«Banana figs" are a rich source of potassium, so they help the normal functioning of the brain, heart, very useful for hair and skin.

therapeutic purposes, these dried fruits have a beneficial effect in the treatment of constipation, anemia (anemia), chronic diseases of the stomach (gastric ulcer, gastritis) and the cardiovascular system, remove the salt from the body and eliminate the general weakness.

When swelling derive excess liquid, and thanks to fiber-based are absolutely harmless to the gastric mucosa.A large number of fiber causes the laxative properties of bananas, so they are recommended for bowel obstruction.

For children, even dried fruit are hypoallergenic, they have a lot of vitamin C, helps with colds and other viral infections.

These dried fruits contain the hormone of joy, so they are perfectly cheer up.In addition, an easily digestible product provides more energy and strength, which is especially good for athletes.

best to use dried banana for breakfast.Even the most useful and flavorful porridge will still taste better if you add to it a little bit of dried banana slices.A pastry shops they are used as decorations for cakes, pastries, cakes.However, you can try to do it ("Chocolate cake with condensed milk and a banana").You can also cook compotes of them - get gorgeous fragrant and delicious banana drink.

harm and contraindications

Harm dried bananas and contraindications harm dried bananas and contraindications

Besides being dried bananas are high in calories, they are also not recommended for use in food for diabetics due to the high content of sucrose - is a major detriment.A large number of them have contraindicated thrombophlebitis, flatulence, dyspepsia, increased blood clotting, and after suffering a heart attack and stroke.

In all other cases is possible, but only in moderation - as they say, enough is enough!

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