cherished dream of every girl is a perfectly smooth skin, and for getting rid of unwanted hair today used a variety of methods.To remove the hair in the bikini area can be applied not only simple shaver, but other means.

Remedy hair in the bikini area

Today, there are a few common techniques that can help solve the problem of unwanted hair.


This method proved to be the most popular among women, as it is quite affordable, requires no extra cost, can be used at any time, quickly helps to achieve the desired result and does not cause unpleasant pain.

Today, developed special razors with blades 2-5 and special strip impregnated with a moisturizing balm.Use a razor - a pleasure.Just a few minutes the skin becomes smooth and tender.The strip with the balm moisturizes and soothes the skin, so the irritation usually arises.

The main advantage of this method is that it can easily be used on their own at home.


Terms shaving intimate areas

For this procedure, you will need a special cosmetic wax heated to th
e desired temperature.One of the main advantages of this method is that after the removal of hair on the skin does not remain irritation.Also, there is no ingrown hairs, of course, if the procedure is performed correctly.

If you select this method of controlling undesirable vegetation, have a little patience - Waxing is very painful.This method is strictly forbidden for women who suffer from allergies to wax.

Typically, waxing is performed in a beauty salon as well as independently control the quality of the smoothness of the skin is quite tough.The maximum smoothness can be obtained, subject to shugaring.

Hair removal using a special device

Today, the market can find a large number of different devices for hair removal in the bikini area.The hairs are uprooted, which increases the time between treatments.However, this method has one serious drawback - the hair for its implementation should have a certain length.

This procedure is quite painful, at the same time with each of its holding hairs become thinner and thinner, therefore, much easier to remove.Over time, hair removal is not as strong to cause pain.

Cream for hair removal bikini

Terms shaving intimate areas

This is the easiest way to accomplish that you want to select a tool, ideally suited a specific type of skin.As a rule, most of them were designed specifically for sensitive skin.

As part of such creams contains certain substances that provide slowing down the process of hair growth.Before using the tools it is recommended to test for allergies.

  • Read review Fito Grow.

Laser hair removal bikini zone

This procedure practically does not cause unpleasant pain, its duration is less than 10 minutes.

Hair removal by laser is one of hardware cosmetology, which should carry only an experienced specialist.It is quite expensive, and let it not everyone can afford.

IPL bikini

This procedure will help get rid of the hair in a delicate area in just a few treatments.To completely remove the hair, you will need a lead of about 10 sessions between them must be a break (about 2 months).But the result is worth the time and effort.

How to shave your bikini area razor?

Terms shaving intimate areas

Today, it is a razor is the most accessible and popular way to remove unwanted hair, even despite the fact that he does not give lasting results.In addition, many women simply are not able to endure the painful sensation of epilation intimate zone.

To avoid irritation and cuts while shaving bikini area is necessary to follow a few simple rules:

  • necessary to select the right machine.You should not use simple machines, which are widely advertised on television, because they were designed to operate with a smooth surface and wide, and in the intimate zone should be done very careful work.If you use them for processing sensitive area, the special constraints on the blades can simply close review, and there is the risk of getting cut.

  • It should renounce the use of conventional single-use machines, since they have a very sharp blade, so it can be caused by irritation or received cut.

  • should be sure to use the gel or foam.You can also purchase a special vehicle designed for use while shaving bikini area.Ideal and the means by which men are every day, but you just have to choose for sensitive skin.

  • shave the hair must be strictly in the direction of growth, but not against it.Thus it is possible not only to avoid irritation, but also to prevent the ingrowth of hair.

  • to shave during the procedure does not hurt, it is necessary to slightly tighten the skin, but not too much.

  • After completion of the pre-shave shaved skin necessarily apply cream or gel aftershave.Because of this calms irritated skin.

  • Do not immediately put on underwear, as the skin needs to breathe.

  • shave bikini area is recommended before going to sleep.

Terms shaving intimate areas

Having mastered the above rules shaving intimate areas.You can minimize the risk of irritation, and a perfectly smooth skin.To avoid inflammation, should stick to simple preventive measures:

  1. procedure starts shaving is about half an hour after it was adopted by a warm bath, because the skin must steam.

  2. During shaving necessarily have to use a special gel, softening the movement of the blades, which in turn reduces pressure on the skin.

  3. If shaving intimate haircut done, and for this purpose use disposable tools, they should be changed as often as after 3 treatments.The blades have a tendency to quickly become dull and worn.Also on the surface of the mass of accumulated harmful bacteria.

  4. provided the use of an electric razor before each procedure need to treat it with an antiseptic.

  5. If shave hair against their growth, there is the risk of ingrown hairs under the skin, which in turn provokes the beginning of a serious inflammation.That is why each hygienic procedure should be executed strictly on hair growth.

How quickly remove irritation bikini

Terms shaving intimate areas

If after every shave appears pretty severe irritation of the skin, you need to take time off from it.In some cases, the need to resort to other types of removal of undesirable vegetation.

In the case of the first symptoms of skin irritation, should be immediately put on inflamed areas a small amount of alcohol, which not only removes all the bacteria, but also contribute to a narrowing of enlarged pores.

instead of alcohol you can use a simple hydrogen peroxide.It is worth remembering that in the case of contact with the mucous peroxide, there is a risk of burns.To avoid this, it is necessary to work quickly and very carefully.To moisturize the skin, you can use a hypoallergenic or a simple children's cream.

You can also use these methods:

  • compression.The hot water is wetted with a clean towel and applied directly on the bikini area.The procedure lasts about 10 minutes.During this time, the inflammation can be easily removed, and the high temperature kills all the bacteria.

  • Tea tree oil has powerful antiseptic properties.In the 1 st.l.sunflower or olive oil soluble vapor droplets of tea tree oil, and the resulting mixture is applied directly to the bikini area.

  • Remove inflammation and helps the easiest baby powder.

  • Aloe.We need to take a fresh leaf plants, wash with cool water, then remove all sharp edges and cut along the leaf.Attach the pulp to the point of irritation.

  • against inflammation helps hydrocortisone ointment, however, is strictly forbidden to frequent use of the tool, as it can cause addiction.The result is a decrease in therapeutic effect.This hormone ointment, in the case of frequent application is, the likelihood of painful sores and pustules.

Video on how to properly shave your bikini area:

Author: Elena Malak