Linoleum is a unique kind of flooring, as it consists mainly of natural raw materials.In the manufacture of linoleum is used as the basis of jute cloth.The main advantages of this matter is the sustainability, diversity collections and the brightness of the colors, which is why the linoleum appreciated worldwide.

Linoleum produced from a mass which consists of crushed limestone, linseed oil, resin and wood flour of coniferous trees.During the week, the weight of ripening in bunkers.Then add in a lot of natural dyes.The resulting mixture was compressed into a calendering machine, and then cut into strips of width m, is placed on a base of jute overlap, then again compressed into a calender.Further, the material in the drying chambers matures within two weeks, and it is obtained from the linoleum.Treatment of linoleum with a special system, which is called «easy to clean», seeking to increase the practicality and durability of the material.

linoleum produced either in the form of rolls of a width not gre
ater than 5 meters, or in the form of tiles.Durability linoleum depends on its thickness, which is 1.5 - 4 mm.

For linoleum characterized by such properties , such as high wear resistance, fire safety, anti-static, good resistance to various chemicals.

Flaxseed oil contains vitamin F, which prevents the growth of different species of pathogenic bacteria, and is therefore a powerful therapeutic and prophylactic.That is why the linoleum has antibacterial properties.This material is easy to care and completely harmless to human health, which is why in many medical, health and child care centers this material is used as a floor covering.

Linoleum is fireproof , so it is used as a floor covering where there is risk of fire or damage to the cover, for example, in the bars, cafes and discos.

Antistatic properties allow the use of linoleum in the rooms with special equipment.There are also conductive and acoustic variety linoleum.Furthermore, linoleum is resistant to slits, solvents and fats.

With proper care and maintenance of the life of the natural linoleum is more than 20 years.If we add all its positive qualities, then we can understand why this wide range of applications as the linoleum floor covering.

way linoleum is best left to professionals, since it is quite time consuming.

linoleum Manufacturing companies annually offer to the market new designs and colors of the floor covering that will satisfy the tastes of all who wish to give uniqueness and originality of the interior of their home or office.Terrain, simulated under cork, wood, sand or blurred crocodile linoleum does not leave anyone indifferent.For art lovers, designers can offer linoleum with a pattern similar to the paintings of great artists.Linoleum was the subject of numerous design of experiments precisely because of its relevance.

Designs and shades of natural linoleum Designs and shades linoleum

So, if you decide to opt for natural linoleum, you made the right choice.Durable and resistant to various kinds of environmental influences flooring that affects a variety of colors and original design will delight you for years to come.
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