Everyone knows that the ongoing problem of owners of country houses is to protect against thieves.When the owners are not at home, to get into the room through the window - simple.Burglar special window does not inspire confidence.The most appropriate option - shutters.They will protect your home, garage or shop, without spoiling its appearance.

shutters security shutters are rugged, rolled up manually or electrically.They are placed on the outside of windows or doors to protect against intruders knocking.A damaging the window under the protection rolstvavni almost impossible.They are opaque and reliably protect from prying eyes what is in the room.

shutters composed of horizontal profiles (lamellae) that are fastened together with hooks.Construction slides up or down on the metal guide.The metal box located bearings and shaft.The price of shutters determines their design, size and method of controlling the slats.Very important is the material from which made shutters.

most often - a steel or an a
luminum alloy with magnesium or silicon, since aluminum itself is too soft.The steel has high strength, but too prone to corrosion, so it is necessary to closely monitor the safety of paint.

slats can have different width and thickness.Inside profile can be laid in the manufacture of polyurethane foam, which will help to keep in place for up to forty percent of the heat and block sound.There are also the extruded slats, they are much stronger than usual and thus noticeably thinner.

choice of material roller blinds

In choosing the material of roller blinds should first decide on their appointment.To protect the best fit extruded slats.Moreover, aluminum extrusions are twice as long as the metal.Shutters of metal will cost much more expensive than aluminum.Steel weighs more than aluminum, thus lifting the slats require a more powerful engine.

strength roller shutter also affects the width of the slats.The wider profile, the higher strength.The slats are available in widths from thirty-seven to seventy-seven millimeters, and the material from which they are made, is encrypted on the labeling.Steel shutters are designated C45, C55, and so on, aluminum - A45, A55.

for shops and shopping pavilions small shutters are generally selected with a mechanical drive.This lightweight construction, weighing not more than fifteen kilograms.Open and close them on the basis of the seat belt in the car.Construction heavier, weighing up to thirty-five kilograms, controls the rotation of the handle.

for houses, apartment or office is better to use shutters with automatic drive .They are equipped with an electric motor and driven by a command from the remote control or the buttons.You can also install the sensors responsive to motion or triggered by time.This design certainly more expensive, but the comfort level is much higher.
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