Underworld in its technical equipment able to take a step so far that only the most naive person can expect that the walls will protect it acquired good.Modern fencing is not even the ones that were even twenty years ago.Today, the fence of a private house is increasingly becoming an ornament section, not fortification.

Forged fence Forged fence

Forged fence

Why so much popularity earned twisted monogram, aspiring upward peaks and metal vine?The answer is simple: it is beautiful and elegant.

Solid forging company commissioned by the customer are able to recreate any historical bars.Also in their portfolio you will find a great number of modern designs.But still nice to have at their disposal an exclusive and do not like to any other fence wrought fence.

Before placing your order on the site, usually coming architect who takes pictures from different angles of construction, after which "casts" on the sketches.Draws approved version of a scale of 1: 1.From the steel strip is manufactured on the basis of its
shape, has thereon master pull, bend and plyuschat fragment by fragment.

done doodling often offer free, well in advance.In addition, the figure may even give your hands for discussion in the close family circle.However, a life-size drawing of the client, most likely will not even see, because we are talking about the intellectual property of the author.But the picture of the future of the fence on a sheet of A4 size you get.

intricate openwork very reliable and durable, because the main raw material - metal rod square receiving under the impact of the hammer and fire the most bizarre forms.

array elements come together with clamps and welding.For reliability of a professionally executed connections can not be afraid.Note that the hack is easy to recognize on low-quality assembly: broken geometry and sloppy stitching very striking.

seam should ideally be initially flat, and at the finish line at all to be almost negligible.He polished, shpatlyuetsya and only then is colored product.Modern coatings need to be updated approximately every 4 years.Modern fence with proper care can relive great-grandchildren of the owner.

Sometimes artistic design requires a more delicate work.Before painting with the help of special tools the master rod gives a special texture ("bamboo", "vine", "bark"), engraves decor (flowers, leaves).By the way, it is not necessary to the beautiful treated lightly: they are functional.The drawing will be tighter, the fence is impenetrable, and, of course, more expensive.

optimum height forged outer fence is considered to 1.5-2.5 meters, but technologically it is possible to perform and 5-foot fence.Sections of the fence mounted on brick, stone or metal poles.In any case requires a solid foundation, which is calculated on the strength.If you live craving for beauty, but "open" you are not prepared mentally, and only a stone wall can give you a sense of peace, well, make your choice, at least for a lacy gate that will not be the weak link.

Cast fence Cast fence

Cast fence

iron striking in its monumentality.All at once jealous - it's for centuries, and the fence, and well-being and social status of the owner of the fenced area.

very beautiful combination options.So, imagine, say, a dull concrete in pastel colors, plaster under the "fur coat" and which is decorated with contrasting black curly inserts.It is assumed that the main building must necessarily be massive and located away from the fence at a safe distance.This does not mean that the owner of 15 acres or wooden fan housing should completely abandon the casting.Slow to 0.5 m, hedge simplified drawing and expressive small cast-iron sculptures perfectly harmonize and blend with log buildings made in the northern style.

Wooden fence Wooden fence

Wooden fence

say that abroad is considered the most prestigious fence fence made of wood.In our country, fashion is just beginning to look toward the wooden fences and stereotypes remain very strong.Someone thinks a wooden fence primitive style, someone prefers a more fundamental buildings.Many popular publications, for example, you can read that the life of the wooden fence, they say, amounts to no more than ten years.Either it is a delusion, or simply advertising fences made of other materials.Properly designed, carefully made on the basis of high-quality materials using modern means of protection fence with proper care can stand for more than four decades.

In particular, once in 1-3 years it is necessary to paint the fence and the grass next to the fence, which creates high humidity, must be removed.
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