difficult to overestimate how much humanity and made do residents of the peninsula, especially in the sphere of culture, art and design.The ancient Romans knew a lot of luxury, as well as their descendants, living in modern Italy, perfectly able to combine beauty, comfort and fashion trends.No wonder that in Italy 30 years ago developed a luxurious tapestry - seamless wallpaper or textile seamless wall.

Seamless wallpaper - It is a roll tapestry, reaching a width of 3 meters.Fabric-based, consisting of mostly natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk, viscose.Sometimes add plush, Lurex.A top layer contains a bit synthetic, most often akrilonekril.Adding synthetic fibers improves the properties of textiles, making it more durable and allows to keep the wallpaper color and resist fading from sunlight.

seamless Why?Because roll width of 3 meters and 50 meters in length allows, in most cases, the paste over the entire room with only one seam and that which is done in the place where no one ever fin
ds it.Usually in this inconspicuous place with glue or special fasteners attached textiles and roll wraps around the perimeter of the entire room.Next wallpaper stretched over the surface of the hole and the doors and windows are being installed trims.

Seamless wallpaper fit equally as practical and rational people, and those who love luxury and not used to save on beauty.Innovative seamless textile has a huge range of stylish patterns and colors that always match the latest fashion trends when it comes to new collections.In addition, manufacturers have taken care of that on its technological parameters, these wallpapers are not inferior to other modern wall coverings.Thus, seamless wallpaper - a flame-resistant material that has anti-static, anti-dust and waterproof properties.Seamless textile easy to care for, it can be washed.Another significant advantage of seamless wallpaper of their sound-absorbing properties.

Seamless wallpaper - is, in truth, an elite finishing material.Therefore manufacturers offer complete interior solutions.You can choose for their homes in the same style as the wallpaper and curtains, upholstery for furniture and all other textile decorations.

disadvantage of these wallpapers - their high price, an average of 25-30 dollars per square meter.Mandatory requirement to have seamless textile wall - a perfect surface.And if you want to achieve a perfect result, in any case, do not allow to work with this material vip-nonprofessionals.Seamless wallpaper not tolerate amateurs.Learn how to hang wallpaper correctly.

seamless textile coating - it is always an exclusive design that will always be able to flatter its owner and talk about good taste of its guests at home.You can not buy a seamless wallpaper in the usual supermarket.Most likely, you will have to make a pre-order and wait for the delivery of 30 to 45 days.But, believe me, the end result will exceed all expectations!
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