When connecting plastic pipes and connected with special fittings is not necessary to cut the thread, and the installation process will take some time.

should be aware of the careful handling of the pipes during installation work, as well as compliance with all stages of the technology.In most cases the wires are hidden pipelining, preventing depressurization.In the market of building materials in the range of available fittings (fittings) for metal pipes.

When installing the fitting pay attention to the quality of the thread.Defect plot thread (stripped thread) is allowed in that case, if the total length of no more than 10% of the entire length of the thread.The ends of the fittings must be positioned perpendicular to the axis of the product and have a flat shape.In the thread should be free of burrs.A variety of fittings depends on the method of connection.There are press fittings and screw (screw) fittings.

using threaded fittings, their joints can be achieved with the help of the pressure that is
created when the nut is tightened at the open expansion rings.In order to ensure a tight connection fitting with a tip, a special gasket.

Fittings for metal pipes Fittings for metal pipes

mount fitting

special scissors Cut the required length of the tube.

Do not use any other tools, as there is a likelihood of damage to the protective layer of the product.In the case of uneven crop such tools have a problem unreliable connections.

For high quality of the seal on the nozzle fitting using O-rings.

To prevent damage to the ring for assembly pipe flared calibrator.For composition pipe connections and fittings used screws and clamp.

first nut to clamp on the tube wear.Before performing the installation of plastic pipe, it is necessary for its internal edges remove sharp edges with a special tool or other tools.This is done so that when assembly work inside the pipe to seal tore gum that will lead to seal failure and leakage.The sharp edges of the pipe can be sharpened with the drill bits for metal or round file.To make pipes perfectly circular shape after deformation as a result of partial cutting using a special tool - the calibrator.With the help of the calibrator tube end is expanded and wear it on nipple fitting.

clamping yoke returned after the tight alignment with fitting eviction.Then return fitting nut and twist.Tighten the nut must be carefully until until crackling.

If you want to bend the composition pipe at right angles using a special spring, which will stress the pipe at the point of bending.
Special clips will help to mount the composition pipe to the surface.

clips have different sizes, designed for different pipe sizes.Secure the clips, you can use screws, screws, dowels or nails.
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