Plasterboard (on the Eng. drywall or gypsum board ) - this is a finishing material, which consists of two layers of solid cardboard, inside which is a solid gypsum with fillers.The thickness depends on the method of application.Most common it is used for finishing, leveling walls and ceilings.

It is environmentally friendly, smooth and easily processed, do not require special skills.

Set, drywall, to special profiles.Profile of a metal construction, assembled from special profiles - long lines and light metal.They are also asking the foundation wall that is smooth wall.It's easy to putty, thin layer.This is advantageous in that cheap.A wallpaper glue on it a pleasure.

people in the pursuit of smooth walls, began to use as the basis of dry plaster walls.Given that what is made of the decorative material, it is worth considering that it is not necessary to hide the previous walls, as well as the foundations of the wall.

It is in America, where it is always warm, started using plasterboard for his
good qualities.You, the yarn will be, or may already have children who are naughty and accidentally hit the can wall.And the damage from moving furniture, accidentally struck or domestic robot, make a big crack.He did not hang on the big picture, or a TV stand, for example.Therefore, when installing plasterboard walls, think about whether you will be comfortable to live with him.

Calculate everything necessary communication settings such as: batteries, windows, tabs, fixed to the main wall, and so on.

Where better to apply drywall Where better to apply drywall

Where better to apply drywall?

  • do the same plasterboard possible, and even necessary.You will be perfectly smooth ceiling without difficulty.
  • And how hard to resist the temptation to make a wall on several levels.Various in-depth and other designer fashion.
  • play of light and shadow in several tiered ceilings - it is a beautiful embodiment of fantasy into reality.Excellent lighting, built-in plasterboard, give the room not only light, but also more space.
  • There are ready-made solutions, design, and the most that can be installed in any room, nursery, kitchen, etc.

What is "life in the drywall?"

It is perfectly aligned walls, clean environment.But the risk to break the wall guards, forcing accurately and without excessive work activity near the walls.
Installing a new outlet, and thus paving the wiring, it becomes almost impossible or time-consuming exercise.

Drywall What is an alternative?

All the same walls that make for centuries.A good master will make you smooth and without plasterboard wall for the same money.And here the main strength.Yes, and the walls are not drywall, acoustic permeability is better, and less than echo.
Drywall can be used on ceilings, or places not subject to load, such as an arch in the wall under the small picture or a vase.
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