Welding transformers are designed to change the high-voltage power supply (220V and 380V) into low voltage secondary circuit to the level that is required for welding, which is determined by the conditions for awakening and continuous welding arc.At idle the transformer secondary voltage (no load in the welding circuit) is 60-70V.When welding at high currents is not (60-100A) for reliable arc, it would not hurt to have an open circuit voltage of 70-80V.

In phase character of electric welding transformers are divided into three-phase and single-phase, and on the number of posts and multioperator and single-station.

single-station transformer is intended to supply the welding current single workstation and has a distinctive exterior feature.Mnogopostovoy transformer intended to supply a joint group of welding arcs (welding stations), it has a tough response.To create a steady burning arc and ensure drooping characteristic in arc welding circuit includes a choke.Welding transformers for arc welding of str
uctural features are divided into 2 main groups:
  • transformers with a normal magnetic scattering constructively made in the form of two separate units (transformer and inductor), or in a single common housing;

  • transformers rectified magnetic scattering structurally characterized by the method of adjustment (with magnetic shunts, moving coil with adjustable speed).
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