Technological progress does not stand still, constantly there are different inventions that can facilitate the solution of certain problems.

Many of us, and especially fans of various kinds of technical devices, or want to have a device capable of producing photo and video recording from the air, this feature provides a relatively new, but already very popular aerial device equipped with a camera, and it is called Geksakoptёr or Oktokoptёr.

What is it Geksakoptёr

By this name hides a radio-controlled aircraft designed to perform controlled flight at a fairly decent distance, with the help of this amazing device, you can record videos, and if you want to translate them to a specific device such as a computeror TV.

Scope geksakoptёra depends only on your imagination, it can be important for you to shoot the event, you will agree, will look pretty interesting video celebrating a birthday or a wedding ceremony, performed with a bird's-eye view.

extreme sports lovers will appreciate the opportunity to
withdraw from the execution of tricks, inaccessible to the camera operator standing on the ground perspective.

The quality, shoot video will remain at a decent level, jitter-free images.

There is a reasonable question, not whether the image shake and jump, because shooting is conducted from a moving device.

But developers geksakoptёra was taken into account this fact and geksakoptёr can be equipped with platform stabilization, by which the camera lens is securely locked in the desired position.


exact characteristics of aircraft depend on each particular model already, this is not a serial device, most of the models which are made individually, and many more options depend on the conditions of use and, therefore, the following characteristics are exemplary.

On average, the device has a small size and relatively low weight (2.2-2.5 kg), it allows it to reach speeds of 60 kilometers per hour (without load - equipment).

The principle of operation geksakoptёra (oktokoptёra) Operating principle geksakoptёra (oktokoptёra)

Operating principle

Mission Control geksakoptёra comes with a remote control, it is the quality of the equipment providing radio control and depends on the possible range of flight.

Using the remote control you can also adjust the camera position and start or stop recording the shooting.

in general, and the height and length of the flight depend only on the line of sight of the operator unit, on average, provided free running at a distance of one and a half kilometers or more.Since

as power for an aircraft battery is used, the maximum duration of flight depends, firstly, on the weight loading of the aircraft, the power supply element, but usually such apparatus can average 10-20 minutes flying boot (camera, video camera, suspension).Without this technology the unit will be able to fly and half an hour or more.

Transported unit weight also has a direct bearing on the duration of his stay in the air, because the camera is quite heavy machinery, the motor unit is an additional burden, for example, if all the equipment installed on geksakoptёre weighs 700 grams, charge a battery will last about 15 minutes of flightmax.

If desired, this figure can be increased by installing a more powerful battery or reduce the weight of the equipment.

Opportunities modernization

oktokoptёr If desired, can be improved even more, it all depends on the financial capacity and the imagination of the customer.

Installing GPS equipment will allow the machine to move along a predetermined path and at a set time on the same route to return back.

Equipping technique video transmitter image can be sent to the monitor or video glasses, wearing, which can be viewed image that the camera sees.

These aircraft do not like any precipitation and undesirable for them much windy weather - the wind is not more than 7-10 meters per second (depending on model).

cost geksakoptёra oktokoptёra or expensive, the price ranges from 1,500 to 3,000 dollars or more.It depends on the number of rotors, battery power and other parameters.

Geksakoptёr (oktokoptёr) Geksakoptёr (oktokoptёr)

Geksakoptёr (oktokoptёr) Geksakoptёr (oktokoptёr)

Geksakoptёr (oktokoptёr) - Capacity unit Geksakoptёr (oktokoptёr) - Capacity unit

video about aircraft geksakoptёr:

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