Incandescent despite its cheap price has the drawback of it is based on only 5% of the world all the rest is heat.Accordingly, this lamp consumes electricity for heat.
new generation lamp consuming electricity gives 90% of light.

advantages of energy saving lamps

  1. lifetime of energy saving lamps 15,000 hours, which is 15 times more than incandescent bulbs, energy consumption 90% less than conventional bulbs.

  2. shines the lamp is 5 times brighter than conventional iesuch a lamp power 20 watts produces as much light as a 100 watt incandescent lamp.
    But is such a lamp 5 times more expensive.Even so, it will pay off quickly due to low power consumption and durability.If you put all the energy-saving lamps in the apartment, it was for the electricity bill, you will see how much less expense.

  3. Energy-saving lamps emit much less heat and can therefore be not afraid to put in a bedside lamp and wall lamp.Since in such lamps always write the maximum power of the filament lamp, if you put a bra in a mor
    e powerful bulb for more light, the light will not stand heat and weld.Including the wires are not designed for more powerful bulb.

When choosing energy-saving lamps need to be taken into account four parameters

  1. size energy-saving lamps more and must take into account when choosing whether to put it in your svetilnik.Est two basic forms of energy-saving lamps «U» shaped and spiral, they shinethe same, but the second slightly more expensive because the manufacturing process is more complicated.

  2. Light color energy-saving lamps.Temperature of glow-2700K white light is soft.4200K daylight.6400K cool white light.The higher temperature of the emission light closer to blue to red below.Therefore, before buying to better determine what color light more pleasant for you.

  3. power energy-saving lamps.Lamps are from 3 to 85 watts, and given the fact that energy-saving lamps shine 5 times more powerful, it is where you put an ordinary 100W lamp should be put energy-efficient 20 watts.

  4. type socket commonly found in chandeliers E27.In small lamps and sconces smaller base - E14.

When buying energy-saving lamps note on the box, it says its parameters.For example: a lamp ESS-02A 15W E14 6400K - means that this is a lamp power of 15 watts, with a small E14 and a color temperature of 6400K, which will cool white glow.
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