You may have noticed time and again that the soleplate is often formed an unpleasant coating that prevents stroke.This happens due to the fact that certain materials when ironing you correctly set up the temperature of the iron, without taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturer.For example, when ironing woolen things need to become very hot iron, but the product should be ironed through cheesecloth, and materials such as silk and synthetic, iron moderately hot iron.

If you encounter a problem on iron plaque, the question arises: how to clean iron at home?Having followed our advice, you can easily get rid of plaque on the iron.

So what would it take to make the soleplate clean and smooth?It:
  • rags;
  • water;
  • vinegar;
  • salt;
  • any powder detergent;
  • sponge;
  • soda.

methods eliminate plaque on iron:

1. One of the old and proven ways to clean plaque from the iron - the use of salt.To do this, pick up a newspaper, evenly sprinkle salt on it.Then heat the iron and put it on
spilled salt, and carefully ironed.You will see that the salt has become dark, and the soleplate cleared.If the result is not very good, it is necessary to re-heat the iron and repeat the process.After the iron has cooled, wipe it with a soft cloth.

2. Another easy way to remove deposits on the soleplate - is the use of baking soda and detergent.In this case, the necessary detergent in powder form.Take a soda and detergent, pour them in a bowl and pour a little water and stir to form a "slurry".The resulting mixture rub soleplate with a sponge.Leave the iron for a while to soak in this lineup.After that, clean the soleplate with a wet cloth.Using this method, it is impossible to heat the irons!

3. Another good tool for cleaning irons - vinegar.This method is widely used in the purification of not only the irons, and electric kettles.To clean the iron, take a sponge or a rough cloth, moisten it with vinegar and rub with force soleplate.If at first you could not remove the plaque, it is necessary to repeat the cleaning process.

4. One of the most unique ways to remove plaque - is to use a special pen that is sold in hardware stores.Using them is easy and convenient.Take a pencil and rub them sole heated iron.After that, wipe it with a soft cloth.

Now you know how to clean iron at home.Just do not forget to follow safety rules!
Author: Editorial | Photo: / © Michael Haegele