inserted into a netbook screen larger than a smartphone or communicator, but the size of the diagonal of the screen gives a portable computer.Netbook is designed to solve very different problems, and quite different from other smartphones and laptops, and it should be taken as a kind of another type of mobile computer.It is reasonable to consider now is not the usual one or a portable device, and as such as a miniature product.Atom processor, two cores are different, and consume relatively less energy, and they constitute a clear competitive criteria used in the embodiment of CPU (Central Processor Unit) of other manufacturers installed in netbooks.

Designed netbook planned as a device in the mobile version.Let's try to use the opportunity and offer the available devices to understand how can a netbook meet, among eyeing, you will appreciate the convenience and ergonomics.Meticulously studying different lists netbook among other relevant devices, according to a set of features, among them a major influe
nce on your choice, deselect those problems in meeting that you really directed to go to the end.

The netbooks are built relatively fast microprocessors than in smartphones and other devices widespread.The portable computer has an advantage over a netbook in many respects, but the desktop PC provides more comfortable for office work, and has a significant performance and capacity.

Common sense does not tell you what a netbook is possible to fully replace desktop.Netbook is not created so that the laptop substitute ease, without the hassle.

almost any netbook certainly provided a web-cam, and, although not as portable computers are not equipped with web cameras at all.The netbook is equipped with a set of existing traditional resources, usually inherent in mobile devices.

In most cases, netbook embedded Flash SSD-drives instead of traditional hard disk drives.Of the four of USB-ports are almost always that one USB port available, engaged for the webcam.Each netbook as a laptop, a touch panel and a full keyboard, and the smartphone is no such devices.

Netbook features built-in wireless interfaces, at least: BlueTooth and Wi-Fi, additionally equipped with modems supporting 4G.In addition to USB, it has wireless interfaces BlueTooth and WiFi for the transmission of data from the computer.

Netbook , miniature course, then - the computer network, which is designed for instant access to the Internet and easy surfing on the net.Netbook - almost similar kind of x86-compatible computer, almost a copy of a computer laptop, but, as well as smart phone, generally implies a very different nature and significantly away from the architecture of the desktop.

Note that the notebook is made as a miniature network computer and not replace a cellular mobile phone.All sequences of parameters for communication with the Internet in an automatic way.Netbooks, not yielding devices to access the Internet more often endowed with the newest communication protocols, data broadband fourth generation.

most often in netbooks available a comprehensive set of protocols required for access to the network of the third generation.To make the choice of netbook should enumerate and evaluate the many positive and negative aspects.Of all the parameters necessary to focus on the main consumer functions dedicated computer, and which are present in a given class of devices are better represented and fully implemented.

Netbook , when exactly fit the list submitted by the majority of their own requirements, it means only that you have what you're looking, the choice is made adequately.The speaker system is designed netbook quality, specifically conceived to be able to conveniently listen to music, using additional headphones.Perhaps you more comfortable regular computer to solve the problems, however, the essence of mobility for the purpose of easy access to the Internet is not as paramount feature is better to choose a laptop.Implemented to make video calls, as well as for cell phones and other gadgets designed to work in networks supporting 3G and above.Although the netbook has the potential not only for voice calls via the Internet, but also used for video conferencing.

Working netbook impressively greater than the permissible both considered and are now matched alternatives, it turns out, by the way, avoiding increasing battery batteries, but using a much more mature and promising energy-saving system used in this implementation.This achievement also represents a striking quality for miniature products.He sleeker laptop, but still larger than a smartphone.Although it is not only weight, but also the dimensions are in the same depending on the orientation of the product.

It netbook main advantage compared to a laptop because the laptop is light much less, but all the time it is inconvenient to carry with you.These properties determine the distinct advantage of the netbook as an exceptionally versatile instrument only for fast Internet connection.Netbook consumes significantly less energy, rather than a portable computer, and even more often relatively minor than the smartphone in the active mode.

battery has a capacity for ample remarkably long battery life.This is great!Netbook has a USB hardware interface and connectors for external devices, as well as a desktop computer.USB connector put into the sidebar for quick and comfortable access.USB interface designed to connect the netbook to a desktop computer for data transfer.Software (software) preset in netbooks, and used in conventional computers - similar.He organized it so that he is capable to use a similar software (software) on the office computer, and it certainly saves, and greatly simplifies the search for it and a reasonable purchase.
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