main objective scales - correctly and accurately indicate the weight of the person.Weighing plate can be made of durable glass, plastic and wood.That's it from finishing the price can differ significantly.The original shape, tempered glass or oak finishes such scales are expensive.Plastic platform is the most accessible in the price range of these products and more wide range of colors.Maximum chapel weighing almost all the same 150-160kg.

most interesting modern scales now possible to measure the amount of fat and muscle mass.With memory for two to four people.The program scales smart data once entered a man of his age, height, sex, weight at this time is determined by the number of the cell.It laid down the formula of optimal body weight in accordance with global standards.Therefore, in the future we will see the difference weightings will be specified whether to lose weight or get better or you're in great shape.Many manufacturers also offer measure the amount of body fluids as a percentage.Managemen
t is usually a clock (buttons) or touch.Based on experience, are most useful in the management of the balance with the buttons.

How to weigh?

  • weigh yourself at the same time, preferably in the morning;
  • minimum of clothing on the body, enough linen;
  • bare feet;
  • on a flat surface (carpet, carpet fit).

How to check the accuracy of the scales?

  • enough to choose a pair of models, ask the seller to demonstrate and compare the readings;
  • check the life of the battery;
  • error permissible weights within 100gramm.

Children usually recommended to weigh if their weight was 15 kg, but each producer its request, so see. Instructions.Not recommended weighed using electronic scales pregnant women.

warranty gives manufacturing company often 12-24 months.Be interested in warranty period and conditions for repair and replacement, ask about the availability of service centers in your city.
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