Audio today represents a large number of different devices, appliances and vehicles.It is easy to understand that for their teamwork and good sound is required to have a solid, powerful amplifier.Unfortunately, the devices mentioned most often sold as a separate unit and also are very expensive.However, do not be upset, because this device can be assembled at home almost independently.Assemble the device with your hands can be if you know how to properly handle a blowtorch while versed in electrical components, besides love this type of crafts.

To build an audio amplifier, you will need the following tools: blowtorch (soldering), an operational amplifier, a digital receiver components for future housing unit, several auxiliary components to the radio market, an active filter and a set of tools.

view of personal experience dealing with electrical appliances, you know - to collect every possible device in several ways.You have collected the device belongs to the same category.Passage of the process of
translating the design capacity depends on which Master expects, as well as the circuit assembly unit.Very useful is the fact that on the Internet there are a large number of options were discussed build this kind of equipment, so the master is endowed with the ability to select the most suitable.

Before starting work, make a plan of action and make a list of parts and need.Of course, it would be better to purchase them right than to be distracted from the production due to the lack of a tool, or the desired chip parts to build the hull.

Scheme audio amplifier with their hands Scheme audio amplifier with your hands the example of the proposed scheme audio amplifier transistors speaker for mobile phone:
  • Power: 2W.
  • Power: 9V unipolar.
  • Speaker: 0,5GD37, 8Ohm.
  • Current consumption: 25-30mA.

PCB audio amplifier PCB audio amplifier Next, prepare a printed circuit board. Download PCB audio amplifier to lay format.It will be a reliable basis for all connected components that will ensure the correct, harmonious work of newly amplifier.To the new device still worked, you will need to observe the correct polarity of all the elements, as well as rules for their installation.

Do not forget about the treatment of chips, it does not tolerate haste.Collect the amplifier is obtained if the master will not be able to burn the wiring diagram.In order to avoid such missteps, and work in an atmosphere of calm environment, is in no way in a hurry, and perform tasks as gently as possible.

After fixing all the details of their interconnection with each other on the board is required to start the implementation of box-body for the future of the amplifier.This type of work should be followed only after you manage to collect all the chips in one unit.The reason for this lies in the fact that the box you want to customize under the working part of the new device, and not vice versa, as sometimes happens.So do not try to complicate their work in advance.

Stage tests must be carried out on the finished good, obviously high-quality equipment and with the capacity for which you are expected to create the device.Poor Audio likely to adversely affect the future work of the new device, moreover, it is required to distort the sound equipment collected.
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