If your air conditioning is something wrong, do not rush to call the firm that carried out the installation.Perhaps he is in order.For starters, read some tips.

1. Air creates a feeling of draft, because blowing directly on you.Enable auto-oscillations blinds that will turn a strong flow in the breeze, or lock the valve in the most fortunate position.If these actions do not bring the desired result, you need to turn the air flow to the right or to the left, using the dampers.In many air conditioners, this operation is done manually, but there is a remote-controlled model.

2. If in very hot weather air conditioner does not cool feeling , even though its ongoing work.Then check the air filters, as well close the doors and windows, turn off all appliances that may produce heat.If this does not help, change their model to a more powerful.

3. If all of a sudden, from the indoor unit air conditioner dripped water, the most likely clogged pipeline.Such a situation arises when the sub-zero temperatures inclu
de air conditioning cooling.Condensate is frozen to form an ice plug.The drain pipe should be warmed up with a cable.Or just wait warming.

4. When there is a weakening of the air flow, it is necessary to clean the air filter.You can use the vacuum cleaner.If more heavily soiled, wash the filter in warm water with a sponge.In most models, about the dirty filter indicator signals.If heavily soiled air filter, the power of the air conditioner drops significantly.

5. If the air conditioner runs for heating, at low temperatures and high humidity, the outdoor unit is exposed to icing.If your model is not equipped with the air conditioning system of defrosting, it is necessary to include in the cooling mode.Then there is the return of heat on the street, and the outdoor unit begins to warm and thaw.

6. For longer life, the air conditioner is used at temperature below - 15 degrees.Otherwise, compressor, oil thickens than would be provoked increase wear of the mechanical parts of the apparatus.

7. Also, do not forget about the state of the external unit.If the heat exchanger is clogged with dust, dirt and poplar fluff, the efficiency of the air conditioner falls, and the load on the compressor increases it.It can become very hot and damage than would be caused by his failure.
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