more detail see what you need to prepare baby food.

There are two types of blender, hand (or immersion) and stationary.More preferred the manual.But it all depends on the configuration, then the range of options will be different.With legs blender can be prepared and mix soft and liquid ingredients i.e.soup, mashed soft fruit (banana, strawberries, raspberries), milk shakes, mayonnaise, batter, cream protein.So, from one foot blender features a bit.Then choose a blender complete with chopper.You can cook meat or fish stuffing, mashed hard fruits and vegetables, milk porridge, chopped herbs and nuts.

Here's a way to prepare dairy buckwheat or rice porridge.Boil as usual, a little chill, shift the cereal in a blender, crush about 15 seconds, you can add a banana, dried apricots, prunes.Quickly and economically, buckwheat porridge or rice obtained is the same consistency as the out of the box of baby food.

Cook for a couple of pumpkin and apple, grind 10 seconds and delicious fruit puree is ready.Min
ced meat and fish, use boneless and veins.Put in a grinder Banana, pour a glass of buttermilk delicious dessert is ready.

Also desired chopper can be fitted whisk for whipping, additional tips: graters and shredders, a plastic knife to prepare a thick dough, coffee grinder, spice grinder.The cup is usually used plastic on the bottom wearing cap, after cooking, use it for storage.

Stationary blender is a platform on which the pitcher.It may be glass or plastic (for this parameter depends strongly on the price).With such a product can be prepared cocktails, desserts, beverages, sauces, batters.

Choose a reputable manufacturer, proven in the market of household appliances.Please ask about the warranty period and the availability of service centers.Some manufacturers, blenders do not repair, replace and make a new product.
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