printer has long ceased to be just an office attribute.Increasingly, it is being bought for home use.And not just ordinary printing paper, but also the ones with which you can directly print photos at home.Today buy any of them is not a problem.The only complication is that - a selection of the printing apparatus.In this article we will try to help you choose the appropriate printer from the assortment of modern shops.

which printer to select?

So the first question we must ask ourselves: inkjet or laser?Today, the two most common types of printers.There used to be another matrix, but it is outdated and now belongs to the category of curiosities.How do you know which type do you need?To start think for how many pages in a month you will print, and whether it will be printed in color.Budget option for those who are not going to print more than a hundred black-and-white pages per month - a black and white laser printer.Option for those who are planning large volumes of color printing and willing to spen
d - a color laser printer.Finally, the average value for money - inkjet color printer.What is the difference these species?Let's briefly go over their main features.

Inkjet printers

Inkjet Printers are considered slower than laser.But print quality and grayscale images above.By analogy with their predecessors, dot matrix printers, they print the image points.Paint falls onto the paper through special apertures on the printhead.They are called nozzles."Struyniki" on the basis of the ink supply is divided into two subtypes: piezoelectric (Eng. Ink Jet) and thermal (Eng. Bubble Jet).The first current is supplied to the piezoelectric element, which pulls the diaphragm, forming something like a drop.That she gets on the paper.Moreover, the droplet size can be changed.On this depends the quality of the printing.In the thermal printing method, ink is ejected from the nozzle the gas bubbles that have formed during the heating of a special item.One of the downsides of inkjet printers is that if you do not use the device for a long time, the ink will dry out.But cost and replacement cartridges for less than a laser printer.

Laser printers

Laser printers are more accurate printing.As is clear from their names it is based on the use of the laser.The beam illuminates the photosensitive elements of the printer.The main part of the device, a so-called fotoval coated with a photosensitive film, and is in direct contact with the paper.Images printed with a laser printer, a clearer and more stable.It does not fade for a long time keeping the brightness of the colors.But this is more expensive than an inkjet printer.But to change the cartridge is often not necessary, and economical ink consumption.

Instead findings

Based on these characteristics of the printer, your needs and financial capabilities, you can now choose the most appropriate option.
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