In our world of great originality does not find identical apartments or houses.As they say, the taste and color of comrades there.Each house is unique and original, until it becomes like a dump.And if you stop to get out of all the people of the originality of dwellings will be forgotten.How to maintain the order of their homes and apartments for modern people?Of course with a vacuum cleaner.In this article, we will talk to of this appliances and how to select it.

Nowadays, vacuum cleaners "... well, just heaps."Choose really yours from thousands of models easily can be based on the following selection criteria:

power vacuum

There is a simple rule for choosing a vacuum cleaner power: the machine is more powerful, the more it will suck in dust, so cleaning will be more productive.Most modern vacuum cleaners have a capacity of 1.5 - 2.3 kW (1500-2300 W).Such - ideal for the home.Aside vacuum cleaners in one kilowatt of power can not even look.Why is that?Yes, armed with a cocktail straw,
it will be easier to get out and all possible than with the "helper."

type filter (dust collector)

earlier, during vacuum cleaners "Rocket", the filter was alone in a pouch with opening bottom.Now everything is different, and your choice of available filters in the form of container, water filters, and good old bags.Also, do not forget about the size of a dust collector, which is usually measured in liters, are from 0.5 to 5 liters or more.Let us consider each type separately.

1. Filter - bag

Vacuum cleaners with this type of filter are the most affordable on the market.Choosing from "Meshkov" models, pre-determine the type of filter - the permanent fabric or paper, but interchangeable.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner - a permanent container fabric

In the first case, in the operation of the vacuum cleaner you will not have to spend extra money to buy replacement filters.However, worth noting that the "knock out" the dust of such a filter is very difficult to get there without any risk to your legs, or by a dumpster.In addition, it is recommended to wash frequently bag filters avoid heavy loads on the motor of the vacuum cleaner.And erase these dust collectors in your washing machine, probably does not want neither the hostess.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner - paper container How to choose a vacuum cleaner - paper container

Another thing - removable paper bag filter .With the process of emptying the filter would not be a nasty occupation, followed by washing.It's simple - open the vacuum cleaner filter and got thrown into the trash.It's simple!

If you still do not know what type of vacuum cleaner filter prefer, purchase a model that supports and disposable and reusable bags.With so experimenting at home with the next purchase, you will know exactly what you need a vacuum cleaner.

2. Filter - Container (bagless)

vacuum cleaner with a filter is much better able to cope with the cleaning.Advantages of vacuum cleaners: a large suction force (compared with other models) and convenient way to emptying the filter - garbage in it, "going" into a ball and if you want to throw it away the dust does not scatter around the house and your clothes.Insignificant, but still a lack of a vacuum cleaner with a filter in the form of container - large size.Although if you spend more time looking for the perfect model for you, it can be found and not so bulky unit.

3. Wet filter

vacuum cleaner with this type of filter has obvious advantages over the others: they are more durable, and the process of absorption in the filter rule out the failure of the engine when hit by dust, which increases the service life of the vacuum cleaner.Disadvantages, of course, those models of vacuum cleaners also available.This complex process of replacing the water and the high cost of the appliance.

Cord Length "snakeĀ»

I think for anyone n secret that the cleaner work at "electric wood."Where to find them?Yes anywhere!You just need to connect your vacuum cleaner cord and outlet.This raises the question of the length of the cord and certainly need to decide before buying.Cheap models of vacuum cleaners have a cord length of 3-4 meters.Often it is not enough even for the smallest apartment.Cord length of six meters - ideal.Of course, they vacuumed the Tretyakov Gallery, eating from the same outlet, it is impossible, but with the string you simply can "wander" through the house and to get out, not thinking about any outlets.

Also want to note the presence of the mechanism of folding the cord in some models of vacuum cleaners.Agree, a six-meter cord, though easy to use, but to unravel and fold it every time you harvest - a thankless task.If your vacuum cleaner has a folding mechanism, simply by pressing the cord itself will meet inside the domestic appliance, with self-unraveling of the simple loops.

Tyres wheel

important part of a vacuum cleaner - its wheels.Often, the buyer forget about them when buying.And in vain!No matter how "super quiet" no matter your vacuum cleaner, the noise, he still would publish.And how to reduce it?Yes, even getting rid of the sound of wheels on the floor.To achieve this result will help rubberized wheels.

Easy grip

agree, any cleaning should bring at least a little fun.I do not think that even the most expensive vacuum cleaner will bring you pleasure, but to provide comfort while cleaning - quite feasible task.How?More than just a pen, at a convenient tool for the job.In the course of a long cleaning brush can get tired.To avoid this, Pick vacuum cleaner with a pipe of smaller diameter than the main pipe.Also do not forget about the quality of the instrument.I do not think you get the vacuum cleaner for monthly cleanups.In this case the handle of the vacuum cleaner must be strong not to break, for example when it hits the floor.

Internal security

Heart vacuum cleaner - the motor.To protect himself and the vacuum cleaner as a whole there are functions "Easy Start" and protection against overheating.Having a functional arsenal of home electrical assistant will not be superfluous.Who wants to spend money on a new vacuum cleaner after each half-hour of cleaning?

Well, now, when you read this article, you can safely go to the store and buy what you really need.Believe me, no obstacles to the fulfillment of your right does not arise.Successful purchases!

How to choose a vacuum cleaner?
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