working for some time in the weather service, I accidentally discovered a new, poppy seems to me that sign.Earthshine Moon faint glow of her shadow side known since Aristotle: it is the result of secondary reflections from the moon Earth reflected sunlight.

accepted that watching the ashen light depends almost exclusively on the transparency of the atmosphere over a given places.I have made 50 observations of the ashen light in the south of the Voronezh region.Using meteorological reports, I noticed that after the events in the next eight days necessarily precipitation.The highest incidence of falls on 4-5e day, that is within the average of the corresponding synoptic period.Earthshine is associated primarily with the new moon, and from this phase of the moon is associated increase in precipitation is not only popular superstitions, but a number of research, explaining the increase in the influence of the tidal waves in the atmosphere.

The same can be said about the phases close to the new moon.Of cou
rse, Earthshine has no effect on the atmosphere, it just as easily observed in her condition brewing when the rain or snow.Perhaps he is one of the signs of the weather forecast on the - 8 days ahead.

course, this sign may not be a competitor of traditional meteorological methods both because of the fact that Earthshine observed infrequently, and because it is not for any terrain is true, but more 'sensitivity to Earthshine by meteorologists will allow theminstall something new, and maybe important in atmospheric circulation.
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