If a person finds a stone in the forest, it can be concluded that he appeared without anyone's interference.But if that's to be found in the woods watch, this idea is unlikely to come to mind.But some scientists sometimes make such conclusions, when they talk about the origin of the universe, the Earth and all living things.Darwin, as we know, has put forward the theory that all living things emerged through natural selection.Many people have adopted this theory as an irrefutable fact.

Since that time, the theory of evolution and the theory of creation oppose each other.To know the truth about how things appear, it is very important because the answer may depend on the meaning of our arrival on Earth.

If Darwin's theory is correct, and our existence is just a coincidence, and not someone else's idea, then our life has no meaning.What can be the meaning if we just coincidence chemical elements?

Where did the mechanisms of the universe?Scientists who study the universe, believe that it is not meaningles
s.The laws that operate in the universe, accurate and without this accuracy life in the universe appear, could not, however, as the universe itself.Interesting thoughts expressed cosmologist P. Davis: "If even one iota to change the laws of the universe, the consequences will be catastrophic.Whether protons slightly heavier than neutrons, all they would have neutrons.This would lead to the fact that it would be impossible the existence of atoms. "

Under the electromagnetic interaction, the electrons are attracted to the protons.This in turn forms the molecule.If the interaction becomes weak, the electrons do not hold out in their orbits.If the interaction is stronger, electrons are attracted to the core.And in both cases, there would be no molecules, which in turn would affect the sun, which gives energy to the Earth.This means the planet would have no life.

All the mechanisms of the universe set up exactly like the "clock".The mechanism responsible for the gravity, the mechanism responsible for electromagnetism, as well as the exact ratio between the mass of a proton and a neutron."Set" all this could only be the one who is superior to us intellect.

Usually, atheists it is said: "We understand that in order to sustain life in the universe requires accurate mechanisms.Otherwise, we would not have, and no one would talk about it.We were just there, and that is enough. "Again, it turns out, this reasoning leads us to conclude that our existence has no meaning.

What does the human mind.The mere fact that we have to talk about our appearance, build different theories of our appearance, speaks in favor of the fact that the universe and we had our own destiny.

Our brain scientists have called the most complex object in the universe.The human brain is able to think abstractly and to develop constantly.No achievements to date, could not explain how a person such capacity.

Some scientists say that thanks to the numerous discoveries in space and the planet, to make conclusions that we came through evolution, and requires an incredibly great faith.Renowned physicist F. Dyson, commented: "The more I study the universe and its structure, the more clearly I see evidence that she was in some sense to know in advance of our arrival."
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