all who were born in the period from 21 April to 20 May, is Taurus.
  • Element: Earth.
  • Planet: Venus, the Moon.
  • sign: winged bull.
  • Colors: Limonov, yellow, blue, orange, light green.
  • Stones: turquoise, agate, opal, jade.
  • Flowers: lily, lilac, carnation.
  • Metal: copper, brass.
  • Talisman: owl cells.
  • Happy days of the week: Monday.
  • Bad day of the week: Tuesday.
  • Numbers: 2, 3, 4, 10, 16 (as well as all the numbers that are divisible by 6).

Taurus born in the numbers of 01.05 to 21.04 are under the influence of Mercury.Taurus intelligent, creative.

Children born in the period from 02.05 at 11.05 under the influence of the moon - dreamy, generous nature, is very prone to politics and various literature.

Taurus born with 12.05 on 20.05 under the influence of Saturn - unsociable, preferring solitude.They are very observant, possess a good memory.Taurus is more independent than the other kids.They are strong not only on the physical level, and morally, occasionally pron
e to mood swings.A good state of mind Taurus, at a time when they are nothing and nobody angry - benevolent and peaceful.Already at a young age so their sense of maturity or something ... But Taurus are mild and self-conscious, especially if are at the center of attention among peers and adults.

Children of this sign are friendly, do not tolerate disputes, especially in excessive colors, family conflicts, nor under any circumstances, you can not put pressure on them - they are stubborn patient.At a pressure up "zero", and you can spend a lot of strength.It is much better to praise the Taurus, to explain the cause of one or another situation - and the child is happy to fulfill any of your request immediately!

Taurus - and girls and boys - surprisingly gentle guys adore sentimental.They are often asked to hand them to cuddle and kiss, like tenderness.Many Taurus small, with a slight tone melodious voice, and someone even has great music capabilities.Therefore, the earlier they begin to seriously study music, dancing or singing, the better for them.

Taurus give their preference to the traditional music of pop and folk music.In the midst of the representatives of this sign a lot of guys who are good at drawing.Taurus-students are very hardworking, collected, well trained.Taurus does not grasp the gathering, but a very long remember memorized lesson.Usually they are painstakingly preparing for classes, because the control and pass the tests fine.The strength, sanity and incorruptible honesty of this sign are gaining sympathy among the students in the classroom and make them true leaders.

Taurus - a symbol of the banker, respectively, in the midst of the representatives of this sign are rising, bankers, businessmen, politicians ... The best use for the bulls, areas such as animal husbandry, Cook, Gastronomy (renowned chef, in the main, Taurus).Excellent manifest themselves in areas such as architecture and construction, capable of poetry, as well as pedagogy, painting, composing music.Calves need to change your outlook about how if the whole world revolves only around them - still need to learn loyalty, treat friends and others.

For many Taureans are quite good friends following signs: Virgo, Capricorn, Lions.Fish should be avoided.

Presents little calf?

Taurus appreciate the comfort of home, because a good gift for them would be the thing they picked up, for example, for a room.A good gift for them and just be money invested in a plain envelope.Here, for example, sweets in the form of interest or a treasure chest with chocolate coins will become for them the unforgettable surprise!The girls are happy to perceive the doll as a gift, myagonkuyu toy set for a vivid art book, and the boys - a huge car or desktop toys "Monopoly."
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