Commission reputable scientists from several countries have recently published a sensational report.They have found that the moon does not just affect the tides on Earth, but also represents a great danger to humans.This conclusion is based on studies of lunar soil radiology, physiology, pharmacology and toxicology.

inhalation of lunar dust has a negative impact on the cardiovascular, respiratory and other systems of the human body.This protective suits cosmonauts and astronauts are not able to prevent complications.This is due to the fact that the lunar module cosmonaut had to take off the suit and inhale particles of lunar soil, putting their health at risk.

in lunar dust contains tiny pieces, such as razor blades, which are easy to damage the body covers the astronaut.Thus, due to contact with the lunar regolith may suffer skin, retina and mucosa of the nasal cavity.The scientists hope that their discovery will help to improve safety suits.
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