the first time, astronomers were able to see in the cosmos mysterious dark matter.Scientists from the Munich Observatory have discovered a giant "bridge" linking the galaxy clusters Abell 222 and Abell 223.

Calculate the shape and weight of the scientists helped to bridge unusual observation.As it turned out, the bridge consists of a large number of threadlike structures called filaments galactic otherwise.As the results of the analysis, the astronomers published in the journal Nature, the basis of education, linking galaxy clusters, dark matter is invisible.

Mystery of Dark Matter, from which, as scientists believe, is almost 85% of all the matter of our universe, no longer gives them peace of mind.As the modern theories - this substance literally "permeates" all the space in space, forming thus a network of galactic filaments.In places where these cosmic "ropes" cross are visible accumulations of matter - a familiar galaxy.Web, consisting of dark matter determines the structure of the universe, plac
ing the galaxy in its place.

very dark matter thus far remained invisible.Due to its light weight yarn dark matter can not have direct exposure to light, which is why they can not see.Scientists have determined their location only on the refraction of light caused by the gravity of dark matter.

observed a group of scientists from the bridge of galactic filaments stretched by as much as 18 Mpc (about 60 light-years).To the delight of scientists, the bulk of the weight of the bridge is located parallel to the observations of our Earth.This has greatly enhance the effect produced by the refraction of light coming from background galaxies.

After astronomers have studied the distortion of the light that comes from the 40 th. Of these galaxies, they were able to calculate the mass of the newly discovered galaxy filaments, which ranged from 6,5 × 9,8 × 1013 to 1013 solar masses.

to determine the composition of cosmic filaments astronomers studied data collected from the orbital telescope XMM-Newton, which is the European Space Agency, and that captures X-ray radiation from the plasma.

study showed data on the hot gas is not more than 9% of the total units.Using computer simulations, scientists have determined the mass of the visible stars and galaxies of the remaining 10%.

«To create the most plausible model of this structure, we need to measure the temperature of the plasma and the ionization filaments.This can be done with the help of X-ray telescope Astro-H, which is the Japanese in 2014 plans to launch into space, - noted astrophysicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mark Bautz.- Moreover, we can identify dark matter found after it will improve the technique used.We learn from what it consists of particles - from the cold (slow) or warm (fast) types of neutrinos.

Along with research in space astronomers conducted similar work on the detection of dark matter on Earth.For example, recently, scientists have created a new model of the detector, which should help to find a particle of this mysterious substance.
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