What tell us your skin

Nobody argues that makeup works wonders: it can hide the fine lines, to emphasize the eyes and lips.That's just your hands and remain natural, so only we can follow them as carefully as for a person skin.Compared to other parts of the body exposed to the adverse effects of the environment much stronger.It is the wind, frost, water, detergents, dish detergents, land and others. And what about those women whose work is constantly exposed to external stimuli hand (factory worker, dishwasher, cook, gardener, cleaners, etc.).These limbs of a woman talking about her a lot: about her lifestyle, health, habits and age.But whatever the lack of time, try to carve out a least half an hour a day for yourself.
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Wraps hand as the real salvation

list caring treatments for hands and nails at the place of honor are wrapping.Someone prefers to spend wrap the cabin by paying a cer
tain amount, and enjoying the result.But why not make it the most at home?To do this you will need:
  1. Couple plastic bags or gloves.
  2. Scrub hands.
  3. fat cream.
  4. Essential oils (for inflamed skin - cedar oil, geranium, lavender, dry - oil of sandalwood, pine, mint, chapped and sagging - jojoba oil, sandalwood).
  5. small container of warm water.
  6. Warm towel.

How to wrap hand home right?

How to wrap hand right at home

  1. To start, prepare a mask for hands.To do this, take the fat cream (2 hrs. L), to pour corn oil (1 tbsp. L) and drip a little ether (optional).A little heat in a water bath the resulting mixture, lightly stirring it.I should get a homogeneous mass.

  2. Wash your hands with soap and water, and dip them in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes.So will reveal the pores, softens the dermis and prepare for the procedure wraps.

  3. Take them out after 5 minutes, then gently scrub treat massage movements.The remains of scrub and rinse lightly dry brush with a soft towel.

  4. Apply a thick layer of pre-cooked cream ether mask.Wear gloves made of polyethylene and Insulate hand towel (preheat iron or put on the battery), so leaving a quarter of an hour.Thanks gloves and heat created by the greenhouse effect, which helps mask the nutrients better absorbed in a layer of skin and enhance the effect of wrapping.

  5. Expand 20 minutes, remove the gloves and rub the oil remains in the hands.

  6. Try wrapping conduct regularly (2 times a week), to achieve the effect of this rejuvenation.Your pen will gain a healthy color, cease to peel off, will be soft and without wrinkles.

Honey wrap for hands

Honey wrap for hands

Once we brought a gift linden honey in large quantities.We use it mainly for the treatment of cold, stir in the warm tea spoon of this fine product.But not so long ago a friend advised me to wrap one recipe with honey and milk, after which the hands become soft and smooth, they have only to admire and enjoy.

The recipe is as follows: Mix honey and milk in a ratio of 1: 2.Wash hands, dry and apply a miraculous honey and milk mask.Put on plastic gloves, wrap a towel and will last 20 minutes.Wash and dry.Now I know what to do to get my little hands always look well-groomed and beautiful, and what you want!


Be nice and do not forget to wrap as often as possible!
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