Each of us, especially in childhood, even once saw a whitewashed ceiling by hand using a large brush, which fly off from the heavy and cold drops of lime.Usually served as material for whitewashing slaked lime or chalk.

These works were carried out often, as the ceiling in the house must be clean and bright, and wash the surface of the lime or chalk can not.This kind enough to furnish a cheap and easy.In recent years, more and more often instead of lime and chalk began to use water-based paints, and brush virtually no one uses it.It was replaced by a pneumatic roller and spray gun.

methods of painting the ceiling and the price of such services

can whitewash the ceiling with his hands - then it will cost you your own work, or use the services of professional masters.Keep in mind that there are some factors that affect the price of these works, but without them it is impossible to get high-quality performance of the final result.

Finishing the ceiling with water-based ink costs slightly more expensi
ve than using lime or chalk.In addition to the process of whitewashing the price includes removing the old layer, leveling the ceiling surface, grout cracks and crevices, work on the primer.For example, in Russia, whitewashing the ceiling, taking into account all associated works varies from 150 to 200 rubles.per 1 sq m.In Ukraine, the price of similar works is 30-50 UAH.per 1 sq m.

Types of water-based paints

Types of water-based paints

main binder in the finishing materials is water, hence the name.Colours are best suited for interior decorating, and have a number of advantages.The main ones are:
  • no toxic odor, environmental cleanliness and absolutely safe for human health;
  • not cause difficulties when applied to any surface (except raw metal parts).

There are four main types of water-based coatings:
  1. Acrylic.
  2. Silicone.
  3. Silicate.
  4. Mineral.

also paints are divided into glossy and matte.

1. Acrylic paints

the first place on demand are acrylic water-based paints.Their main component is an acrylic resin.They do not cheap.Therefore it is better to look at stores such as paint with acrylic copolymers.The quality they are not inferior to the original, but the price is much more economical and accessible.

If a part has a coating of acrylic latex, the treated surface effectively resists moisture and its application in two layers even able to hide small cracks.

2. Silicone paints

By type of acrylic are also present in the silicone resin.It paints of the highest quality that can be used for any kind of mineral coatings.They can paint over the cracks and fissures of up to 2 mm in width.Paints form a vapor permeable coating, and this allows their use in wet areas that are susceptible to moisture.It is reliable protection from the appearance of the fungus, and these surfaces can be washed thoroughly and vigorously, without fear that the paint will be erased.

Water-based paints of this type are expensive, but the quality is absolutely justifies the price.

3. Silicate paints

It is a mixture of sodium silicate and water to which colored pigments are added.The painted surface has good qualities of steam and air permeability and will last about 20 years.However, provided that the ambient humidity is lower than the moisture content of the material coated with the paint, it is better to use another type of finishing.

4. Mineral colors

main component is hydrated lime or cement.Most suitable for painting works on the brick and concrete surfaces with high gidronagruzkami.However, due to the small lifetime of this type are very rare.

Paint the ceiling with his hands latex paint

Paint the ceiling with his hands latex paint

addition vodoemulsionku need a primer, and when it comes to the ceiling, in need of repair, then you must purchase putty and a solution for removing old paint.

Tools Required:

  • roller width of about 20 cm with a mean nap (or rollers with foam velor cover is better not to apply);
  • thin brush for painting the edges and corners;
  • tray for painting works;
  • fine sandpaper to wipe putty;
  • spatula.

to the process of painting the ceiling with his hands was more comfortable, it is desirable to buy a telescopic handle to roll, so you can paint the ceiling while standing on the floor without a variety of chairs and tables.


  1. first step is to remove the layer of old paint, using detergent and alkali with a spatula.Thereafter, ordinary water rinse and allowed to dry.

  2. If there are defects in the ceiling, they must be open and filled.Once sanded with sandpaper and remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner or a damp sponge.

  3. Make primer ceiling.It is best suitable acrylic primer with deep penetration.Dry the surface ready for painting vodoemulsionkoy.

Major works:

  1. Prepare the paint according to instructions attached to it.The first color, typically, the mixture may be diluted with water to 10% for better its application to the ceiling.

  2. Painting begins with staining the ceiling corners and edges of 3-4 cm wide, while working to avoid staining the roller wall.

  3. Apply the paint should be perpendicular to the rays of the sun, and move deeper into the room.To avoid streaking the paint should be applied movements, like the letter «W».When the paint roller is almost over, do a repetitive action on the painted surface, so you remove the excess paint.

  4. After complete drying of the second layer should be applied.It should be thin, can already move parallel to the sun's rays in the direction away from the window.So it is possible to cover all areas of NOT, and the ceiling surface is smooth and beautiful.

Watch the video how to paint a ceiling yourself:

Author: Eugene Esipovich | Photo: TutKnow.ru