head-on collision is nearly 50% of all accidents.In an effort to alleviate the plight of most of the driver who is in a car accident, car manufacturers are widely used as a protection of various types of airbags.Its main purpose is considered to mitigate the exposure to different parts of the driver of a vehicle in an accident.Depending on where they are installed, it may be protection against a pin of the windscreen, the dashboard, steering wheel and side pillar of a vehicle.

believed that the necessary time for which the air bag should be filled with air, is 20-30 milliseconds.They should be enough to the car after contact with an obstacle the driver is protected from impact.Moreover, working in conjunction with a seat belt, airbag and did avoids serious injuries.

Location airbags may be different.Most modern car models have this protection not only in the steering wheel and board above the glove compartment, but also in the side racks (particularly effective in side impact) and on backside of the fr
ont seats (for passengers, located on the rear).

airbag consists of cushions directly the body itself - an inflatable bag, or in other words, the gas generator, also a small gas cylinder, which fills the pillow, and electrical sensor, which detects a collision.Everything works as follows: after contact with an obstacle the vehicle electrical sensor sends a signal to the detonator, located on a container filled with ozone or argon.
detonator destroys the cylinder valve and the gas breaks out, filling a pillow.The nylon bag breaks through the protective panels in places specially marked cuts and opens directly in front of the driver.Soften the blow, cushion deflates.All this happens very, very quickly.

conducted regular tests of airbags and permanent mandatory crash tests show that the share of pillows accounts for about 85-90% of the impact energy.The remaining interest takes over people.Car manufacturers are constantly improving this kind of occupant protection, and this percentage is steadily approaching the mark of 100%.

recent serious accidents expensive sports cars in the capital have shown the effectiveness of airbags.Despite the high speed of the cars and the limited space in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, the defense has worked almost perfectly.

If pros use pillows obvious, by the disadvantages include the possibility of false positives and low long-term study of its inaction, that is, how well it will manifest itself, if not used for other purposes for a long period of time.

Remember that you need to periodically check the serviceability of all systems that interact with the airbag.This can be done in specialized service points.And of course, do not forget that the use of a seat belt greatly increase the chances to be intact in the event of an accident.
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