In the garage, where there is no ventilation, keeping a car is highly undesirable.For ventilation in the garage premises should maintain the necessary humidity;to ensure proper ventilation and the removal of all kinds of bacteria, bad smells.Ventilate necessary both unheated and heated garage.

Accordingly, for this purpose you can use any of the 3 existing types of ventilation: mechanical, natural or combined.

Produce natural ventilation system it is possible independently, without the involvement of specialists.Indeed, in this case, it does not require a particularly high qualifications, experience and expensive professional tools.The design of such a system is quite simple, and its creation will cost a relatively small amount.

Transfer grille transfer grille To do this, close the garage door from the set transfer grille , performing the function of inflow.Transfer unit - is simple louvers through which the air passes outside the garage.For more efficient operation of the system it is desirable that the total
area of ​​the grating downcomers in comparison with the area of ​​the exhaust grilles, was 2-3 times greater.

Deflector deflector Remove contaminated exhaust air is then carried out using a special device - deflector , which is mounted on the roof of the garage premises at the end of the duct.In order to prevent condensation is necessary to make the insulation on the outer side of the deflector.The duct must rise above the roof of the garage premises minimum of 50-60 cm. The material for the manufacture of the air can be used asbestos tube or plate.
Special flap gate Special valve gate Changing weather conditions ventilation in the garage can be adjusted by means of special valves ( gates ).When the warm weather and the exhaust transfer unit should be kept open.When colder, it is necessary to cover the overflow grate, and with the onset of frosts - and also the hood.It should be controlled to the room in the garage is constantly receiving fresh air from outside.

It is clear that the quality of such a system of natural ventilation will largely depend on the natural conditions on the street - the humidity and temperature, direction and force of the wind.In hot weather and no wind system will work much worse.If you supplement the system fan low power, thus creating the combined ventilation system that operates effectively in all weather conditions.
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