no secret that the problem could be anywhere from poor contact in the ignition lock to the flooded candles.But if you clearly know that the Host and the ignition in your order, the answer to the question may be hiding near the carburettor, to be exact - in jets and channels of the device.
fact that the carburetor - a complex instrument, freaked ornate channels.So: if you never asked "life" of your carburetor, then almost 100% can be argued that the reluctance to start up your car due to the clogged channels carb!In addition to the channels could be clogged with dirt and jets.To resolve this problem, the whole system should be thoroughly washed, purged and cleaned.

How to do it?It's very simple: remove the cover of the float chamber and go!For cleaning and washing, use acetone or gasoline and compressed air.By the way: compressed air freely sold in cans and you can buy it at any auto parts store or auto market!


Now a little more about the symptoms that point to the "disease" of jets.So, you
got into the car, started the engine, but at the moment you drown the gas pedal - the engine immediately stalls.This suggests that the system is clogged idle emulsion jet!

repair is not difficult: Remove the air filter, remove the nozzle and clean it.Warning: there are models of carburetors, where before you turn the jet - you must first disconnect the solenoid cable and a thin wire that is connected to itself jet.Do this very carefully so as not to damage nothing.
Inspect the exterior orifice.So, if it is covered with thickened or ossified oil film (resin), then you need to clean sharpened wooden stick, which should dampen acetone: it would be much easier to become attached to remove the resin.Note: some "artisanal" is used for cleaning a screwdriver or a piece of wire.It should not do it because the metal can be very easy to damage the surface being cleaned parts.To wipe the surface, use only cotton (lint-free cloth is not suitable).

Another knotty problem of auto - aperture

If your car staid without moving a couple of weeks, then it is possible that start the engine just will not work: worn diaphragm starting device.The only right decision - it is the replacement of worn-out unit.But if you urgently need to have a car, that is an old "popular" method, which will help produce a "cold" start of the engine.You will need a piece of wire with a diameter of 3 mm.Bends one end of a piece of wire loop and fixed to a stud nut (or rather, in the place where the air cleaner is connected to the carburetor).Now take a second end of the wire and lower it into the first chamber along the wall against which the air damper.Guarantee - 100% - your car be got without any problems!
Author: Editorial