Beautiful, shiny polished car body always attracts attention even if auto - domestic brand, and came off the assembly line a hundred years ago!Unfortunately, see the brilliant polished car turns out not so often: like cars and clean, but there is no shine, all for a dim, fuzzy.This is not because you rarely wash the car: it is a part of urban air.The exhaust gases are deposited on the surface of the car, plus - Dirty acid rain, plus - dirt from the surface of roads, plus - chemistry which strew the road in the winter - and all this is a factor in the loss of gloss of the car.And you know, the loss of gloss - it is not the worst, believe me!But since the topic of conversation - polished, then pass it to her.So!

How to bring back the shine and glory of your car?Well, you can drive away the car on the sink and have a bath day, followed by polishing some hot wax.But in this case, be prepared to shell out money for "cask": this procedure is not twenty cents!By the way: the cost can increase dramatically depe
nding on what means to be used for polishing your car!

Therefore, the most sensible and cost-effective solution would be an independent procedure polishing cars.It's not as difficult as it seems at first glance: it all depends on the sequence of your actions and, in fact - the desire to achieve the best result!

What you need for an independent body polishing cars?

There are two options how to polish the car with his hands.
first option: you go to the auto shop, buy it "gentlemen's" set, which consists of polishing, a few sponges.The algorithm is simple to ugliness: caused polish - rubbed with a sponge.Everything seems to be easy, but there is one "but."Each polish contains a fine abrasive.And the use of abrasive, sooner or later, but not necessarily affect the quality of the paint of your car!And the time to hand-polish you spend a lot even if you have a hand sander.So this version has a minus.
second embodiment is that instead of all of the abrasive material polishes use such as ethyl alcohol.The advantage of this method of polishing face.Ethanol costs a penny, but the main thing - it is the effect of after use.Take a piece of cloth, moisten it with ethyl alcohol and polish the surface of the car.When surface polishing ethanol cars did not suffer, as in an alcohol, except alcohol - nothing is contained.And the consumption of ethyl alcohol in the car will be only 250 ml!

Here's a simple method.Try this: this method is tested over the years and always gives a perfect result.Good luck and let your car shine among others!
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