All motorists ever faced or still face suddenly ran out of fuel or a breakdown in the middle of the road, and they both heard about the lift.

The vehicle must be sturdy rope (4-6 meters).Before starting to tow, you need to make sure in the fortress bridge, for which one must have two flags.Do not neglect the safety, because many cases when hurrying or not careful drivers who tried to drive between a defective vehicle and tow.

There are general rules for towing prescribed in the Rules of the road.Recall that there are two different kinds of couplings: rigid and flexible.Of course, the average car owner will not carry a tight rope.But on icy or towed defective brake system is forbidden, and with defective steering requires partial loading.Also, the rules prohibited to tow two or more cars.
If you are towing vehicle, it is paramount to ensure reliable coupling of vehicles and cross-checking of the quality of the cable, in order to avoid breakage of the coupling during towing, which can lead to a serious a
ccident.Prohibited concatenate cars for plastic bumper, and it is important to connect the cars on the diagonal, in order to minimize and to extinguish part of the jerks.You need to get a move slowly and smoothly, that would pull the rope was not sharp.Try to avoid strong maneuvers and braking smoothly and advance.Do not be amiss to agree with the second driver of the special characters.

If the cable you will go, the passengers in the cabin should not be prohibited Traffic Regulations.Tug driver must understand that now required of him increased attention to driving, due to the fact that in modern machines amplifier performance brakes or power steering depend on the health of the engine.Pay special attention to the tension of the cable and signals towing.Bad cable tension is inadmissible, it must be well stretched.If the tension is eased, it is necessary to slow down and restore the tension, otherwise collision may occur towing and towed.
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