increased consumption of gasoline, power loss and overheating of the engine knock piston pins, engine knock.All of the above faults are the result of not properly installed ignition advance timing.

On vehicles with contact ignition system, set the time of ignition timing can be on their own, as this regulation does not require a special device (strobe), which is required at the moment of installation, on engines with a contactless ignition system.

Control bulb - 12 volt control bulb - 12 volt To adjust the time of ignition timing for gasoline engines of VAZ 2101 - 2106 with contact ignition system, on their own, you will need;wrench 13, the key to cranking and control lamp, rated at 12 volts.Control bulb, easy to make your own, this will require;lamp, chuck it and two pieces of wire.

For convenience in work, find and remove any dirt mark on the crankshaft pulley and the label on the cover of a chain drive.If you work in low light, use a flashlight.

Find and remove any dirt mark on the crankshaft pulley Locate and remove any dirt mark on the crankshaft pulley

Setting the time ignition timing for VAZ 2101 - 2106 cranking the engine, align the mark on the crankshaft pulley with the mark on the housing chain transmission.If your car has an engine with a cylinder diameter of 79 mm (the engines of VAZ 21011, 2105, 2106), you need to combine a label on a pulley with an average mark on the cover chain.If your engine has a cylinder diameter of 76 mm (the engines of VAZ 2101 and 2103), you need to combine a label on a pulley, extreme, short circuit mark on the cover.Mark length is used to install the crankshaft dead point.
After the labels are combined, remove the wire from the ignition coil at the circuit breaker - distributor (tramblёr), with terminals on the breaker - distributor and connect to this terminal control bulb.The second wire control bulb, connect to the terminal "+" of the battery.The key 13, loosen the nut breaker - distributor.Rotate the breaker - distributor counterclockwise and turn slowly in the opposite direction.Fix the position of the breaker - distributor in which the indicator lamp starts to fade, and tighten the nut.Replace the wire connecting the ignition coil with the breaker - distributor

The installation torque ignition timing is finished.
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