Each manufacturer of protective means it extols their offspring, stating that the best protection for your vehicle is not found.If we listen to the opinions of many motorists, you can hear quite conflicting statements.Among them there are those who argue that all anti-money intended only to scare small hooligans, and any true professional car theft.

also nemalochislennye motorists, who claim that it is impossible to steal their car.

first base their opinions on everyday experience as his, and others.After all, in fact, almost any stolen cars, some anti-theft means, but were equipped.

Second, the management of advertising information and what they read in the booklets manufacturers of anti-theft systems, as well as the amount they pay for such a system.

neither the first nor the second is not completely right, but in the words of both is the truth.Indeed, the anti-theft means to significantly reduce the risk of opening and vehicle theft, but to provide an absolute guarantee reliable protection, they
can not.You should also consider the fact that many manufacturers often exaggerated advertising information, embellishing and distorting the real characteristics of the product.

choosing locking means, do not rely solely on its price because the price of the security system consists of the following elements:
  • protection level of reliability of the car;
  • level of reliability of functioning of the security system;
  • advertising costs conducted by manufacturers and sellers to promote the product on the market.

If the first two components can and should pay, here on the last characteristic did not want to spend money.Sometimes it happens that pay well advertised product is not only useless, but also dangerous.Skewed towards advertising can lead to the fact that half of the motorists of your municipality will use the same, the same alarm system.This will lead to the fact that the hijackers in the first place it will find the keys to it.The result of this is that a sticker with the name of a common and well-known signaling spugnёt not criminals, but rather lure them, it's how to overcome the criminals already know.But with the new and unfamiliar security system not everyone will want to get involved.

Moreover, such modern "chips" fashionable and exclusive anti-theft systems as a lack of interference other devices of the car, driver safety, work in difficult weather conditions, environmental security, etc.In fact, quite important for the solution of the main tasks of any alarm that is to protect against theft.That is why, if you want to buy a real and reliable protection for your "iron horse", then you should not rely on advertising and the advice of friends, and it is necessary to carefully and thoroughly examine all the characteristics and properties offered by security systems.
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