The stems of this plant are spread along the ground and they grow appendages that are a year old.The leaves are egg-shaped with a sharp tip.The inflorescence is a brush which contains small flowers.

Borovaya uterus often found in coniferous forests of Siberia.Sometimes you can find the whole thicket of this medicinal plant.It is characterized by not very moist soil.Perhaps breeding upland uterus and at home.As practice shows, it survives well in the garden areas and requires special agro-technical skills and meticulous care.For planting this plant should be selected plots of land with dry soil, but in the shade.She also does not like the proximity to crops traditionally grown in suburban areas.This is primarily due to the need to introduce chemical fertilizers when caring for vegetable crops.Such interference in the natural composition of the upland uterus is not acceptable and will lead to the destruction of important medicinal ingredients in its composition.From this therapeutic effect can be reduce
d or will be counterproductive.

In medicine is used aerial part of the medicinal plant.It should be harvested during the flowering period.This stage of plant development occurs at the beginning or the middle of summer.It all depends on the weather conditions and the region.The collected raw materials are usually dried in the open air, but preferably not the sun.The main thing that this place is well ventilated.Store the finished raw material in a dry place.Shelf life is generally not to exceed three years.

Borovoy of the uterus has a unique chemical composition.It consists of a resin, vitamin C, various organic acids, coumarin, arbutin, many trace elements, tannins and acids.

Apply upland uterus in medicine is very broad.Such widespread use of it is found in the treatment of urogenital both women and men.With its help treat gynecological diseases, infertility, adhesions, inflammation of the tubes and uterine bleeding.

It is used in almost every field of gynecology.Hog uterus and is used in the treatment of kidney disease, as well as the bladder.Applying its tincture, treat cystitis (an article about how to treat cystitis), hemorrhoids, prostate disease and even purulent inflammation of the ear.The extract of this herb has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.He also has a diuretic effect.

upland uterus treatment in inflammatory processes provides tangible results in a short period of time.Its extract significantly improves the condition of urogenital women and men.

Preparations containing an extract of upland uterus are recommended for use gynecologists.It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.Known effectiveness of its use in oncology.

Borovoy of the uterus helps to improve the function of the uterus and its appendages.This means that it enhances fertility.Very many families, upland uterus has helped give birth to the long-awaited child.It also enhances immunity.With such a wide range of useful substances, upland uterus has some contraindications.The main ones are pregnancy and idiosyncrasy of the drug.But, nevertheless, carry out treatment using upland uterus should be strictly supervised by a doctor.You must follow the instructions and comply with the dosage.
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