Many cherished "blue dream" - to grow a garden in the area of ​​blueberry, but are not quite sure, it's easy to find a common language with this darling.After all, it is nationality - a foreigner, has American roots."How is it please?" - Interested growers.We'll have to make efforts, because this unique culture is worth it!

you want to improve your metabolism, memory and co-ordination - Eat a half cup of berries a day: in fact, along with the "gentlemanly" set of vitamins and minerals rich in blueberries also a lot of antioxidants, which prevent cell aging.There are many fruits which, for example, improve memory, but such a positive effect on the entire human body as blueberry, gives none.

blueberry bushes begin to bear fruit with 3-4 years of age.The first harvest is not impressive, but when blueberry bushes will grow, the 6-7 th year only one reward you bush 3-5, and then 7 kg wonderful berries.An important advantage of highbush blueberry is that the ripe berries of many varieties of rain does not
soak for a long time kept on the bushes, so that growers who are always a lot of worries, may choose to harvest their most convenient time.

Ripening , taken depending on the variety lasts from 20 days to six weeks.Even in the hands themselves one bush berries ripen at different times.

For American visitors should choose a well-lit place near a source of water, but avoiding ravines, depressions, which can accumulate cold air and are prone to stagnation of groundwater.

on the plot for planting blueberries perform deep plowing, remove weeds, poor soils make organic fertilizer.

as planting material suitable two-, three-year seedlings with well developed root system.Sit bushes are best in spring loosened hole, the size of which is determined by the free placement of the roots.

The bulk of the roots of the American blueberry is located in the upper layer of the soil, and they are quite vulnerable, so be sure to immediately after landing spend mulching layer 7-10 cm.

When landing on a two-year bush paid one stolovaniya spoon mixture of complete fertilizer onnext year (three-year bush) - two tablespoons.In the four-year - for four spoons, and so on until the age of six (ie 16 tablespoons per plant).

In the first two years after planting to improve shoot growth is required to remove the flowers appear.Typically, in the garden area it is recommended to plant at least 2-3 varieties.Late spring frosts for blueberries do not present a serious danger.But in the early autumn frosts are dangerous: sometimes die at this time to 70% of the crop.Amateur gardeners on their plots can build a defense of fabric or film.

Yet for the "safe prosperity" your American vital for a proper water supply.She is not against the grain as insufficient and excessive moisture, especially during filling and ripening of berries, and from errors in moisture significantly reduced harvest in the next year.
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