The only our citizens do not escape from the sun and prying eyes from neighboring homes!Glazed balconies and loggias, curtained curtains, of course, look smart, but quite another thing - live, fragrant scenes, creating a wonderful climate and attracts attention with its beauty and originality.

need only plant 3-4 plants momordika (Indian cucumber) - and paradise is guaranteed.This heat-loving annual vine up to three meters or more in length, comes from subtropical Asia.It forms several shoots, which are attached to the supports threadlike antennae.Hot summer momordica growing by leaps and bounds, scattering on the stretched ropes or other supports.Its carved light green leaves resemble the young leaves of grapes.Yellow medium sized flowers hang on long threads of fruit stems with a collar-middle and exude a wonderful aroma.

momordica looks particularly impressive during the formation and maturation of large cucumbers hanging on thin long (15-20 cm) Stem.They look like fairytale dragons because of the l
arge soft outgrowths on the ribbed surface.

Momordica: how to grow and care First fruits pearly white, weighing 100-200 g, and then bright orange.When fully ripe, they crack into three lobes.On the inside of the orange, folded like a lily petals attached large (up to 2 cm) brilliant ruby ​​red prisemyanniki (arillusy).Inside them are brown and white seeds.At the ripe condition they are used for stomach ulcers, and as a diuretic.Against the background of carved leaves simultaneously with multi-colored original cucumbers hanging fragrant flowers and opened in the form of flowers mature fruit with red drops seeds in the middle.Such curtains look great on all sides and create a fragrant coolness in the loggia or balcony.Form a living curtain depends on your imagination.You can pull the strings in the form of a fan, arch or a continuous wall.

Young fruit salt, like cucumbers, fried thin slices, potatoes, and ripe - canned and pickled.Momordica has a pleasant taste.It was added to the cucumbers that not only adorns the banks with blanks, but also makes them tastier.

Momordica grows well in open ground.Grow it should be through seedlings.Caring for her usual, both cucumbers.Before sowing the seeds treated with a saturated solution of potassium permanganate, and then soaked for twenty-four hours in warm water, then rinsed, wrapped in a clean damp cloth placed in a plastic bag and kept warm at 30-40 ° C.After naklevyvaniya seeds are placed one by one in half-liter glasses in a nutrient earth, certainly on edge, then cover them with plastic or glass.

planted seedlings in fertile soil.On the balcony or loggia poured it into a large plastic bag set in boxes, buckets, or other containers.During the summer, the plants should be watered regularly.Extra vines better to remove, so they do not shade each other, since the lack of light reduces the amount of fruit.
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