If you have a palm tree (the most common and beautiful home palm Ropalostilis Bauer "in nature there reaches a height of 10 meters"), always remember that it can not tolerate drafts and afraid of cold air from the vents.

Since palm - plant heat-loving, the room temperature should not fall below the winter 14-15 °, and the air must always be clean, fresh and quite humid.But to put the pots with palm trees near the stove or radiators should not be - could kill the plants.

In hot and dry period is more likely to wash the floor or hang wet sheets around the plants and protect them from direct sunlight.

Watering is necessary so that the water does not stagnate in the pot.Twice a week spray the trees with an atomizer, and once a month, carefully wiping the leaves with a soft damp cloth.

During the summer period - from March to September - Feeding the palm organic fertilizers, it is best mullein.A method for preparing usual - take 1 part dry manure in the "cake" to 3-4 parts water, stir and insist to swell
ing.Then we filter the solution and fertilize plants.Once a month, you can give the palms and mineral fertilizer - superphosphate, nitrogen and potash fertilizers.

Grow trees from seed.Shell them pretty hard, so before planting them pour hot water (45-50 °).Seeded in a substrate of sand and sawdust.Pots with seedlings kept warm.Sprouts, for example, date palms appear only in 2-3 months, but real leaves - 2-4 years.When the seedlings reach 5-8 cm, they are seated.Experts recommend for this soil mixture of this composition: 2 parts of humus, 2 parts peat, 2 - leaf mold and one part washed river sand.A year later, young plants are rolled over into a larger pot.
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