Culture room cucumber growers known amateur more than a hundred years.Varieties of cucumber potted in the world a lot of selection, however, the most popular purchased: Japanese Yamihoto, Heyvikuk, Dzitsu Chinese - Shan Dun, Star, Korean - Hite and Canadian - Niagara.From domestic best varieties - Russian, Cuckoo, Stella, Fontanelle.

All rooms cucumber harvest, actively grow on vertical - their height reaches 1.5-2 meters resistant to disease.

technology of growing cucumbers is not complicated.Sow them in a room at the end of February, April, August and October.Sowing time shift is not necessary, because the plants will grow worse and decreases productivity.

Keep in mind that although the room cucumbers and more resistant to shade than usual, but they are obtained only in those apartments where there are bright windows.Even in the southern windows in the winter days, they need light - from 6 to 10 and from 17 to 20 hours.And when the weather is overcast, not hurt, the lamp lights during the day.

Grow room cucumbers can be in the soil and in hydroponics

in soil sow them in small flower pot and grow it as long as the seedlings appears 4-5 true leaf.Above the fifth pinch the stems of plants and soil are transplanted to a permanent place, for example, in conventional bucket.Clay picked fertile.The best part of it: three quarters of sod land, one part humus, a half-liter jars of ash.At the bottom of the bucket is required to put drainage - stones, shards, coarse sand.

When prischeplennom stem will sprout 2-3, set made of wire or wooden slats vertical.On it the plant will curl.Once on the other stems appear 5-6 leaves, pinch them.Then again appear on each stem of the two that will bear fruit.

should take into account the fact that the varieties which require artificial pollination, first male flowers bloom profusely, barren flowers, and women with small fruits appear later.

How to pollinate cucumbers? necessary to pick a flower-sterile flower and its pollen to touch the middle of the female inflorescence.

Watering cucumbers in the morning, twice a week.However, it should be remembered that they do not like how excessive drying, and excessive moisture.

still wondering grow cucumbers hydroponically.There are several ways.Let me tell you about the most effective.

The wide box-tin, for example, canned food, poured gravel 8-10 cm thick. On the gravel put large pots without a bottom, or cut into the bottom of the large holes, fill it with moss, steamed sawdust, peat.Gravel is poured a solution of complete fertilizer so that the substrate in pots can absorb it.Pour solution daily and weekly change.Cucumber seedlings are planted directly into the substrate.

complete solution to fuel is ready to forgive.It is better to take mineral fertilizers Group A or B - 1.6 g per liter of water.When they do not, the mixture can be prepared yourself.To do this, 25 g of urea, 60 - superphosphate, 30 g of potassium salt.All this is well stirred and take 1.5 g of a mixture.
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