not less than palm-known, but just a little common in our homes ferns.But these delicate plants are ideally suited for the compositions of pot plants and are essential in the arrangement, especially with roses or carnations.And the ferns themselves extraordinarily beautiful, and not flowers - they just have these plants do not happen, and repeatedly dissected delicate leaves.And unusual method of reproduction - disputes.On this basis Ferns are among the oldest members of our flora.For fans, it is true, this method is complicated, so it is best to propagate plants by dividing rhizomes or kidneys, which form the "viviparous" species on the leaves.

On Earth, there are now more than 10 000 species of ferns, and 200 of them are used in landscaping.The majority - is heat and moisture-loving, shade-tolerant (direct sunlight can not tolerate) plants.

Fern - It's a neat plant with delicate light green leaves on black glossy petioles, a native of tropical and subtropical areas of the globe for many years living
in some urban apartment.The period of active growth and rest he is not expressed, so the plant should be watered abundantly all year round, but the stagnation of water in the pot to prevent.

propagated by dividing the rhizomes of bracken is necessary, regardless of the season.Delёnki planted in loose soil mixture and nutritious, consisting of equal parts of leaf and peat land (you can buy at the store).Sift it through a colander, the sand is not added, but pour it on the bottom of the pot.

Twice a month you need to feed your fern weak infusion of poultry manure.Add it to the water in such an amount that it became slightly turbid.From pests, although they are very rare, spray preventively weak infusion of tobacco.

drying up of land in the pot is highly undesirable, since withered from lack of moisture leaves of this fern is not alive.But if for some reason the plant and it withered away, then it should not be thrown away.It is necessary to cut all the branches of the root abundantly pour and put the plant in a bright place - after a while it will have new leaves.
Author: Editorial | Photo: © Kristin Lee / Tetra Images / Corbis