Beauty yucca with time is extended, the lower leaves turn yellow and fall off, the trunk laid bare, and the plant loses its former appeal.Give the plant a new life and get a few new plants in two ways.

1. With a sharp knife, cut the plant where the lower leaves begin and dry cut two hours, sprinkle it with ashes or activated carbon and put the stalks with leaves in the water.The vessel was rooting preferably taken from dark opaque material.The water drop couple of tablets of activated charcoal.Put the plant away from direct sunlight and often throw a shower of spray.

2. Lower bald barrel and cut into small pieces of 8-10 cm, air dry, cut the slice and place on a wet substrate.In no case do not take the lawn or garden land - acquired only in special shops.Gently water the cuttings and avoid drying out of the soil.After 5-6 weeks of your cuttings - and those who stand in the water, and those that are rooted in the ground, roots and will appear the first tender leaves.Feel sadite them in the ground and e
njoy the appearance of new plant yucca (Yucca).
Author: helena1962 | Photo: helena1962