Grapes - a plant lianopodobnoe has no definite shape, so for normal growth and fruiting requires support.

first years after planting for this purpose using stakes, for 2-3 minutes during set trellis.Props must promote free and fair distribution of shoots, to ensure maximum coverage and airing shrubs.Set them so that one row of shrubs did not shade the other, and between planting was space.Grapes on a reliable support grows better and fruits, it suffers less from diseases and it is convenient to maintain.

Vertical trellis for grapes vertical trellis for grapes best and most common one is a vertical trellis with 4-5 rows of wire stretched vertically.This is a simple and inexpensive design that can be used in a covering or a covering zones.For its erection on the sides of each row are buried to a depth of 60-65 cm extreme poles with a diameter of 12-15 cm between them at a distance of 3-3.5 m from each other - the intermediate diameter of 10-12 cm. The length of the trellis is 2-2,5 m. This is the optimal height for the care of t
he bush during the growing season.Trellis placed a series of north-south.

for the manufacture of wooden poles is better to take hardwood - oak, acacia, chestnut, mulberry, ash.Unsuitable for this: alder, linden, birch, poplar, maple.Especially fragile to destruction young and wet wood.Before setting to increase the service life of wood is purified from the bark.It is possible to lower part of the pillars prosmolit, wind roofing material or process used motor oil or diesel fuel.

supports may be made of reinforced concrete (10-12 cm in diameter).It is also possible to set the iron pipe section 5-6 cm or more.Fix them by concreting.Buried poles to a depth of 50-60 cm. Reinforced concrete and metal supports, though more expensive, but more durable and will last for decades.

first set columns, and then fasten it to the wire with a diameter of 2.5-4 mm.Desirably, it has been galvanized.You can also use the synthetic rope (not recommended).Bottom row pull at a distance of 40-45 cm from the soil surface, the next - over each previous 45-50 cm. The metal pillars is possible to drill holes with a diameter of 5-6 mm, which stretch across the wire.For wood - wire can be fastened with staples.

At wide row-spacing (2-2.5 meters) and strong-growing bushes set biplanar trellis, on inclined planes which tie up the vines.The advantage of this arrangement is that the vertical trellis solar rays fall on the leaves at an acute angle, and an inclined bush illuminated better.If the support is set correctly, the grapes can serve as an excellent hedge.They are often erected in the form of pavilions, arches and alleyways, as well as in the yard to provide shade.

Two-plane trellis for grapes two-plane trellis for the two-plane trellis grapes more expensive because their construction required for metal pipes and fittings, they can often be seen in areas where professionally engaged in viticulture.On these pillars can be grown more powerful than a simple trellis varieties.If
grapes planted for landscaping walls of houses, the trellis set against the wall.
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