azalea (Azalea) - very showy houseplant, extraordinarily beautiful azalea flowers, their flowering period long enough.However, it is quite capricious plant, requiring careful maintenance.

Azalea, is a shrub with strongly branched branches and evergreen leaves, which have an oval shape.The flowers are double hybrids, their shape resembles a bell.Shades of color from bright red to pale pink and pure white.If you have several plants differ in terms of flowering, they will be pleasing to the eye with its beautiful flowers in six months.In the east, azalea associated with feminine beauty and grace, as well as the possession of great creative potential.

According to legend, the ancient Greeks, seizing Colchis (Georgian territory) celebrating victory, ate a delicious honey stupefying and lost consciousness.Azalea very honey, but the smell of her intoxicating honey, and the honey acts on the brain, disrupting its activities.Terms

care flower

Many people wonder - « How to care for azalea flowers? », to be honest, it is not easy, but it is worth it.Flower azalea does not tolerate direct sunlight, so should stand in light or darkened spot with diffused light.During warmer months, it is recommended to make a houseplant on the street, you can prikopat with a pot on a bed.

If the plant remains in the apartment for the summer, it must be watered daily and spray in the morning.Humidity should be increased.However, soil moisture and availability of water in the pan is unacceptable and detrimental to the plants.Do not water the plant with water from the tap, it is considered the best rain water or well defended.In the event of the autumn reduce watering level, and spraying is carried out only rarely.During the heating season, when the apartment is enough dry air, spraying resumed, but only carried out on sunny days.Biweekly azaleas require fertilization, without any chlorine in the composition.During the formation of flower buds recommended fertilizing with superphosphate, 10 liters of water diluted with 15 g of fertilizer.

in the summer heat can be put azaleas in the refrigerator, as it can not withstand the heat.In autumn and winter the optimum temperature for growth 12-14 ° C, but with careful observance of all the rules of caring for plants, azalea grows and at a temperature of 20-22 ° C.

Immediately after flowering, necessarily have to carry out trimming the stems of the plant.Removal shall be as weak shoots and too overgrown.Young shoots pinch out at the level of the remaining 4-5 leaflets.

Flower azaleas prefer acidic soil, well suited heath land, or you can use a mixture of coniferous and peat in the ratio of 2: 1, be sure to add a little bit of river sand.

After a period of flowering transplants, the young plants are transplanted each year, and adults every 2-3 years.This houseplant has a shallow root system, so landed just flat pots.

Care ill azalea flowers

Young tender leaves of hothouse affects aphids.Every 3-4 days spend processing plant with soapy water.Strong damage leaves azalievaya mole - caterpillars the size of 7-12 mm, they must be collected and disposed of.Such a plant twice per season or processed aktellik fosbetsidom.If the leaves fall off quickly, so the plant is infected with the fungus septoriey.Bayletonom require treatment or fundazol.

Azalea photo

Azalea home is bright red, photo Azalea home is bright red, photo
Azalea bright red

Azalea home purple, photo Azalea home purple, photo
Azalea purple

Garden - Azalea home, photo Garden - Azalea home, photo
Azalea Garden
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