Homeland tropical banana is considered part of Southeast Asia.There are more than forty of its varieties, both edible and ornamental.Edible species grow in Thailand, India, China, Brazil, Vietnam, Burma, the Hawaiian Islands, New Guinea, on about.Sri Lanka and Cyprus.Many countries grow bananas only for domestic consumption.There is an interesting opinion that under the "fruit of paradise" in the Bible meant not an apple, but it is a banana.

As growing

banana groves are cultivated in the tropics, at altitudes up to 2,000 meters above sea level.This plant is very whimsical to temperature, it should be between 22 ° C to 35 ° C.At lower temperatures, plant growth slows down, and at -10 ° C at all stops.

In Russia bananas grow in Sochi, but they do not have time to bear fruit due to the fact that in winter the temperature there drops to 10 degrees, which is why many plants die.Banana tree has a height of two to nine meters and multiplies shoots that grow around the trunk, then replace the old tree that
yet over.Flowering banana after about 10 months of growth.

flowers banana buds grow all year round, have a reddish tint, upper lobes of their hard, have a protective function, the lower are yellow.The flowers are male and female type of each female inflorescence, then appears banana.

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Application medicine

Application medicine flower banana Application medicine flower banana

They are widely used in medicine, using flowers banana treat many illnesses, such as bronchitis, dysentery, ulcerstomach.The juice helps with indigestion, leprosy, severe bleeding, epilepsy and neurological disorders, in diabetes brewed flower tincture, and heal wounds and burns leaves.

like eating banana flower

How to eat a banana flower like eating banana flower
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Quite a few people know that the banana flower is edible and very common in eastern cuisine.It is eaten raw, made salads, various desserts, fried in oil, caramelizing, baked on coals and cook many other wonderful exotic dishes.

Thailand dish of banana flowers, you can even try on the street.Flowers are rich in mineral content, they contain vitamins A and C, protein, iron, carbohydrates, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and potassium.To find out what is the taste of a flower, people have come up with a little trick: they pinch off the tip of the inflorescence, and try out the juice flowing into the language.

Try banana flower, and you will feel the taste of summer!
Author: Irina Malikhova for TutKnow.ru