Hibiscus very attractive plant, the presence of at least one representative of the flowering shrubs on the balcony, terrace or in the garden immediately lifts the mood and creates an atmosphere of celebration, carnival.

Growing hibiscus garden on the site does not deliver much of a hassle, with its magnificence is a sense of calm, serenity, bringing in the exotic world of vibrant nature: the deep blue sky, the blue-green sea depths and the amazing golden sand.

Description hibiscus garden

hibiscus garden belongs to the family Malvaceae.According to various sources, in nature it occurs more than 200 species of this plant.Mostly common in China, South and West Asia, the islands of Polynesia and elsewhere, which is dominated by tropical climate.

The flowers of most species elegant, large (sometimes reach the size of a soccer ball), brightly colored.Some species are very different among themselves.Various forms and colors, the size of the plant and flower.Life forms are presented hibiscus garden shrubs
, half-shrubs, herbaceous plants and even small decorative trees.There are herbaceous hibiscus or frost garden, Chinese hibiscus or chinese rose, changeable, trifoliate and swamp hibiscus.

Numerous varieties of flowering hibiscus with funnel-shaped simple and double flowers are very attractive and exotic.The color scheme of the plants infinitely wide: you can find flowers of white, yellow to dark red, bright crimson, lilac, purple and violet color.There are also two-tone variation, as in the photo below:

Hibiscus Garden bicolor garden Hibiscus bicolor
garden Hibiscus bicolor

very popular among gardeners enjoy garden hibiscus or Syria.It is ideal for small gardens.Similar saucer beautiful bright flowers presented a wide range of colors, from delicate white to the calling of red, from light blue to deep purple.Some cultivars in the throat of the flower stands out a dark spot, only emphasizing the exotic plant species.The golden stamens fused into a long tube, which extends far beyond the petals, the flowers only add splendor.

In our climatic zone growing hibiscus garden is most favorable, as the plant is able to tolerate temperatures down to -25 ° C.

form a compact bush.Upright growing shrub is an excellent solidarity plant that can take its rightful place at the entrance to the house or in the middle of a flower bed.

Being a low-growing shrubs that grow no more than 1.5 meters in height, hibiscus garden shrub or used in mixed borders and perfectly fits into the interior of any garden plot.A successful flower cultivation is combined with lavender and soil-covering roses and evergreen shrubs with contrast.Long flowering from the beginning of July to the end of September this shrub makes a welcome in our backyards.

Care hibiscus garden

Care hibiscus garden Care hibiscus garden

Planting hibiscus garden held in the spring.Young plant needs adequate protection from the winds.

For the successful cultivation of this beautiful shrub should provide him with plenty of moisture and light, and fairly heat - hibiscus thermophilic.In terms of shading shrub grows slowly and does not bloom so profusely.For regions with cool climates derived hardier, nemahrovye varieties.Abundance of flowers contributes to light pruning every 2-3 years.Watering garden hibiscus should be every day, but little by little, not fill in the bush.
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