Grow lemon tree at home will not be much of a problem, but wait for it to fruiting is very difficult.Typically, lemon fruit starts to give as much as seven, ten or even twelve years.If you want to see fresh yellow fruit (read about the beneficial properties of lemon) at home, then why not take good care of ornamental trees and make it an inoculation to get faster results.

But usually lemon tree is grown not for fruit and for the exotics in his apartment.It leaves of citrus trees (lemon) has the ability to allocate volatile - biologically active substances that do not give an opportunity to develop bacteria and various fungi.It is also a nice, fresh scent will freshen the room, and empower all present positive mood.For fruits and nothing to pursue their bulk in all stores and on the shelves of markets.Another advantage of this tree is that it is an evergreen.

lemon can be grown from seeds, and it is possible to instill.In this article we look at the first option in phased sequence.It is even more intere
sting.By the way all citrus fruits grown from seeds.

Step 1: land preparation and pot

Pot for our future green "child" can be taken to start small, but it certainly needs to be below the hole.At the bottom you need to put a half to two centimeters drainage.Then fill the pot soil.It can just buy a specialized flower shop and tormented, a special land for citrus fruit, it is perfect.

If you refuse to buy, then you can make a mixture of loose soil: humus half land and half turf.Optionally, you can add a bit of coal or peat.

Step 2: Selection of planting material

Selection of lemon for planting

When the place is ready for landing a lemon, you can go to the store or to the market for the purchase of suitable planting material.Choosing need the ripest and most yellow lemon.Fruit should not be damaged.Cut the lemon bought and We reach the largest bones, better to choose just two.So then you can choose the most actively growing tree and leave.

Bones need moist and fresh fruit, dry will not work, they eventually lose their germination.

Step 3: Planting lemon from bone

Planting lemon from a stone

Wet land in the pot a little water to wet it was, and put 1-1.5 cm deep into the pit.Further, if desired, you can cover with foil on top of the pot.The temperature of the house should not be less than 18 degrees, otherwise the tree to be seen.If you have cool, then be sure to cover with foil and place the workpiece in a warm place.The amount of light plays no role in the shoots.Watering should not be, otherwise saturation moisture will ruin our lemon, formed the roots will rot.But once every 2-3 days should be sprayed.Drizzle a bit of soil can be used only if it is much dried up.

Step 4: Growing

Growing lemon from a stone house

Then we can only wait for the germ of about 2 to 3 weeks, or even longer, if the apartment is not very warm.The film can be removed if it was closed after the appearance of a pot of the second pair of leaves.Now you need to rearrange the germ appeared in a bright place, just do not put a strong sun, a young tree can burn.Now we have to comply with watering regime for plants not pour water and do not give the soil to dry.Watering only defended the house with water at room temperature.You can use the rain, not cold!

Feed the lemon first month is not necessary.In spring and summer can be every two weeks to add a little fertilizer.Here, as with water, without fanaticism, everything in moderation, and less is better than more.Lemon - tree capricious and any measure in the care and maintenance can be detrimental.Wood should carefully make the balcony, if there is strong wind or the sun, it is best not to do it, otherwise the next morning all the leaves may fall in.Also, with a sharp decrease in temperature.

autumn and winter watering lemon need less as soon as the topsoil dried up.Fertilizing should be done on more than once a month.

Step 5: change

Transplant young lemon must be done no more than twice a year, and the adult plant enough only once in 3 or 4 years.This periodic change due to the fact that the roots of the tree and become entangled because of lack of space, the growth in the home stop.With each change of the "new home" need to take a pot larger than the previous 3-6 cm in diameter.When transplanting gently with the roots without breaking them.

Step 6: grafting lemon

If you want the lemon started to bear fruit quickly, then it should be taught in his garden at the cottage or at home in a pot.This can be done in splitting or budding and better in summer or warm in the spring.It is preferable to use the first method.This is how to do, see video below.

Video how to plant a lemon in splitting the right:

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