Grow apricot tree in my garden is not quite difficult if you are living in the south side of Russia.If you live in the middle lane, it will be difficult, but possible.In Ukraine, in the central and southeastern part of the apricots grow without problems.This is all due to the fact that the apricot (read about the benefits of apricot) tree from the Rosaceae family and is considered an Asian fruit, he loves the heat and afraid of severe frosts.But in order to achieve the yield, you must select the appropriate grade, that grows in your area, then there will be more chances.When growing from apricot pits should be aware that the tree can not save the attributes of the class.To achieve better results advised to vaccinate tree.Then the harvest will be guaranteed.

To grow you need:

  • apricot pits;
  • Humus;
  • Black earth;
  • River sand;
  • Wood ash;
  • pot or box for germination.

Option №1: sow seeds directly into the ground

Step 1: Select the apricot pits

Selection of apricot pits

first thing you need to know the gardene
r, so that's what you need to plant apricots in the autumn, evenbetter late.Now we should find a couple of ripe fruit to extract their seeds.Apricots should be, as I wrote above, to select only the sort that grow in your area.You should also choose a ripe, big or damaged fruit.Now you need to soak pits in room temperature water for one day.

Step 2: sowing

sow should be on an elevated plot in the garden protected place with no cold drafts.To lower this one seed in the ground to a depth of six centimeters.The distance between the seedlings should be at least 10 cm. Just plant the pieces at least 10. It is not all germinate.

Option №2: germinated in a pot

This option is preferable, since the plant to grow, we wake up at home, and after 6-8 months of planting a small tree.More advantage is that in the summer you can find excellent ripe apricots, which will serve as planting material.

Step 1: Preparation

To do this, three months before the mid-spring fresh apricot need to rinse under warm water and put in a bowl with water and potassium permanganate.All the bones that have surfaced should be discarded.The remaining material leaving planting in water with manganese per day.Then all the bones are soaked in warm water without a new potassium permanganate for 10 days.The water should be changed every day fresh.

Step 2: planting in a pot

Now prepare for the future of a small pot of apricot.On the bottom half crockery Pour the wet layer of washed river sand, which put a few seeds (the more the better) at a short distance, then fill the rest of the all-glass layer.Now you need to wrap the pot with cellophane film and put in a dark place at a temperature of from 0 to 5 degrees (you can safely put in the refrigerator at + 1-2 degrees).The sand must be damp for three months seed treatment.But also it is impossible to fill.

Phase 3: Growing tree house

After three months, or even 4 pot can get out of the refrigerator, there appear germs.Seedlings are put in a cool and sunny location in the apartment and take care of him - Pour in the dry sand.

Step 4: planting of apricot in the garden and care

In mid-April our little trees can be transplanted to a permanent place.To do this, make a landing pit depth of 60 cm and a diameter of 70-80 cm. If you are going to plant a few apricots, then the pit should be done at a distance of 3-4 meters from each other.These holes need to half fill a loose mixture of wood ash, compost and fertile top layer of soil.

Now each pit disembark our little apricot trees.Gently straighten the roots and fall asleep prepared black earth.Compacted earth and around the former pit to make a side of the ground.Drizzle each tree with plenty of water, counting a bucket of water (20 liters) per hive, if the ground settles in the pits, the dosypte black soil.Throughout the summer, make trees more watering 2-4 times, depending on the weather, if the rains are rare, it can be watered more often.After each watering the soil around the planted apricot sprinkle sawdust.

winter trees need to try something warm, wrap.Planted from apricot fruit can in 3 years, provided that you are caring for a tree, watered it, and protects against adverse weather conditions.It is better to make a landing from 5-8 apricot trees, or one tree crop of the upset can not wait.How to make trimming the tree, see photo below.

As of the bone to grow apricots As of the bone to grow apricots

Formation of tree crown apricot two species in photos:

The formation of the crown of apricot wood

Formation of the cup apricot tree crown

Video how to land apricot:

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