teachers, educators and parents need to take gender into account in the educational process, primarily because the development of the individual, which is based on the formation of the person of its vital role, there can be no harmonious gender-role socialization.

provider must know what shortcomings the formation of gender roles lead to a violation of sexual and gender identity, and that, in particular, can cause problems in the future having sex, family life, education of children.

should know that each age has inherent characteristics that require an individual approach.Decisive is the situation in the family.One should not be afraid of children's issues on the subject.

should be noted that gender training is not something isolated and independent of education in general.To hold it, there must be complete trust between parents and children that it is possible, provided a soft, calm, consistent and friendly atmosphere.

gender education of the child begins from the moment of his birth and continues
throughout life.

gender education - is focused, organized and directed the process of formation of social and cultural mechanisms of constructing male and female roles, behaviors, activities and psychological characteristics of the person proposed by the society to its citizens, depending on the biological sex.

The work with preschool children on issues of gender education should take into account such areas:
  • addition area of ​​self-regulation of children (for example, the promotion of girls in sports and the boys - to self-service);

  • research organization equal cooperation of boys and girls in the joint venture;

  • elimination of traditional cultural prohibitions on emotional expression boys, encouraging them to exercise the senses;

  • create conditions for training intersexual sensitivity (for example, through dramatization, training).

Differences between the sexes are fundamental, although the differences between men and women is not limited to biology and physiology.Such personal qualities as femininity and masculinity are important for normal human activity.The awareness of belonging to the human male or female gender, and identity with its typical representatives determines the content of behavior, way of life and formation of personal qualities.

gender education of the individual is under the influence of family, education, the media, religion, law and public policy.

application of gender mainstreaming in the formation of a harmoniously developed personality offers a new way of understanding reality in which there is no inequality and hierarchy of "male" and "female."
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